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  1. Put me down I clicked on the link but says entries closed😞.
  2. Hi guys if like to come along if the night is still going ahead. Thanks
  3. So jealous. ? looks beautiful mate great work with the lighting and angle of the shots. ?
  4. I'm signed up. Cant wait to see the convoy of Skylines ?
  5. What a beast. Hope to see more of this thread. ?
  6. Well guys Kinkstaah was right, unfortunately the auto decided to let go during the upgrade process so manual conversion was the only choice. Decided to go the r33 s2 box just because it's younger and decided to throw a mantic twin plate in as well so when I go for more power it's all ready to handle it. The gearbox does need a rebuild as changing from 3rd to 4th, the synchro crunches so I'm guessing it had a hard life. All up the conversion cost $6100. Would of been $1800 cheaper if I didn't get the new clutch. JMA Automotive in airport west was the guys I got to install it all and they have done an immaculate job. Thanks to Kinkstaah again for the recommendation to them they really know there know there stuff when it comes to Skylines. Here's a few photos of the conversion. Just missing steering wheel and cluster. Probably going nismo cluster and gtr steering wheel when I get the cash. Hope to see you guys out and about.
  7. Also I see there will be CAMS member ride along for passengers. What kind of time frame will they be allowed to go on the track? Will it be a rotation basis or at the end of the day will be allowed to go passenger in the cars. Thanks
  8. Hey mate i don't know if you got my pm or not. Was wondering if you still have this conversion kit for sale?
  9. Damn Kinkstaah thats not what I wanted to hear especially from you. Saw your thread on sending it off to MV automatics where you got lucky and found someone who knew what they were doing. And how much it cost you in the end and thought against that approach as its 3 times the amount a M/T conversion would cost(unless you can suggest a upgrade less than 2000). The other thought was a t400 A/T and getting the adaptor plate to suit the rb engine. (still upwards of 6000). In any case if its the way the transmission wants to go in style trying to keep up with the torque then.... I salute you automatic transmission LOL. you had a short but good life ???
  10. yeah it is the return flow type but when I have the funds will be getting the fmic upgrade to a black one and piping with the relocation of the battery to the boot as well. I just dont want to be cutting any holes out. Going to try and find a good fabricator to do the intake pipe as well as the FMIC piping. Havoc still hasnt gotten back to me though so will try to find someone else.
  11. Well I thought I will start a post for my 1998 R34 sedan build. Had the car for a few years and puchased it with only 31XXXk's on the speedo but only just saved up enough to start going all out on a build. Trying to keep it looking as close to stock as possible so to keep the cops away. It is a auto but at the end of the day I drive it easy out on the roads but when I get it on track its a different story. Will eventually go a manual conversion but for now it will do. Have purchased -Blitz FMIC -xspurt 1000cc injectors -nismo fuel pump -nismo engine and transmission mounts -hypergear high flowed turbo. (housing changed to a 21U from OP6) -Blitz down pipe -Blitz NUR RX cat back exhaust -HKS EVCS boost controller, boost gauge and turbo timer -HKS super suction intake -z32 afm -NGK platinum injectors gapped to .8 -Tomei HICAS Electrical lock out kit -EBC brakes (yellow on the front. red on the back) -Toyo R888r tyres -Nistune with flex fuel So this is all the stuff I currently have waiting to go on the car. The boys from Mocha Crown Automotive doing most of the work except for the electrics. That will be me. The nistune and flex fuel wont be done till Trent from chequered tuning gets hold of it but thats at the end of August It has a pretty wicked sound system. 2 Alpine V12 amps powering 4 Alpine rseries 6" splitters and a Alpine type R 10" sub woofer. The head unit is a sony explode but doesnt matter when your running a good set of amps. Well hopefully at the end of this should see a power output of 250-270kwrs. Will post more pics and the results of the dyno tune as well. Till then take it easy.
  12. Man youve done really well making this car look amazing. Even jealous as it looks better than my r34 sedan. Will love to hear a video with the exhaust running?
  13. forgot to price the gauges there $100 and are missing the globes out the back of it
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