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  1. in ecu talk program my timing say 5deg on idle  is that right..Im trying to chase a misfire or thats what it feels like starts when cold once warm goes away doing my head in ive disconnected the coils one by one not a problem there ive cleaned idle control valve on idle in ecu talk reads 27% ive tryed adjusting timing on cas undoing the bolts try to move back and forward dosent seem to do anything its running rich backfires as well  r34 rb25de neo auto project car atm any input on what its doing..my o2 sensor volts read 0.38 on idle..tps 0.48..air flow 1.23..

    1. blizmo34


      code 21 keeps coming up btw


    2. blizmo34


      does anyone know exactly what code 21 is 


    3. blizmo34


      also i noticed ecu coolant temp read 27 before i even turn car on would this mean its a dodgy coolant temp sensor

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