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  1. Thx! Likewise for me it's great to see how much the skyline platform still is loved in australia. Such a community is something you can only wish for over here. All the knowledge you can find here and ofcourse oem parts are exceptionally hard to come by. ?
  2. Thx mate! Real JDM- cars are indeed quite rare, but there's definately an amount of them rolling on the road or being built. Depends when & where. Japfest in 'zandvoort' is one of the bigger jdm-meets where they like to pop up ofcourse ^^
  3. Thx Dale! I'm really glad to finally be able to post on the forum. I've taken quite a lot of looks around on the forum, it's a real treasure trove of knowledge ? Every day i like the car more and more. Can't wait to get my hands more dirty on it. ?
  4. Actually the placement of the steering wheel is not much of an issue. All you need to do is convert your headlights for lhd-traffic. Additionally here, i needed to add a rear foglight and those fugly reflectors. (Don't worry they'll be gone soon^^) But to get started, belgium is rather strict on carmods... that means you need to find a car that's as much as possible in stock form, just for the homologation on belgian roads. If you get lucky you can get through with a lowered car... but no guarantee. But i'm really stoked to be able to finally drive it. It took almost 6 months from start to finish.
  5. Greetings everyone! My name's Tom I've been registered already for a little while but i was still waiting with introducing myself since i was still waiting on my very own BNR32. But since not too long i can finally drive and enjoy this car to the fullest!
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