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  1. thought I should post this here aswell: CO.pdf EC.pdf EM.pdf EX.pdf LU.pdf
  2. permanent uploads that i didnt know i could do 🙄 .DS_Store CO.pdf EC.pdf EM.pdf EX.pdf LU.pdf STR.pdf
  3. NEW urls; cooling: https://ufile.io/zpabo control: https://ufile.io/bw3dg mech: https://ufile.io/gedqy exhaust: https://ufile.io/pxqk2 Lube: https://ufile.io/3kcnj Starter: https://ufile.io/wss5g sorry took a while been travelling
  4. awesome thanks for clearing it all up for me
  5. just double checking as on the manual it says they are cvt fluid cooler hoses. cheers
  6. Cooling system https://ufile.io/mbfld Engine control https://ufile.io/4xqd4 Engine Mechanical https://ufile.io/28ey7 Exhaust https://ufile.io/w6g29 Lubrication https://ufile.io/hxirx Starting system https://ufile.io/g6ian
  7. not sure what you mean by the rest? has been re uploaded for a further 30 days.
  8. so i need to remove the radiator from my 250t rs four which has been converted into a 6 speed manual out of a 350z. it is still using the stock radiator so it has lines going into the radiator for cooling the transmission from when it was an auto. So, are the transmission lines connected at the bottom to the two brass fittings? (photo attached for reference) these have nothing attached to them so i am not sure what they are for, other than that. i think i may be mistaking the transmission fluid lines for something else as the lines I want to remove are on the passengers side of the radiator and coming off the side of it. this photo shows the lines i need to remove. Any help would be appreciated. cheers
  9. not to sure, i havent looked through all of it as its a few thousand pages, but im sure its in there somewhere, most likely under engine control.
  10. If anyone needs the complete english Workshop manual for this engine i have it and am happy to share it with you, in pdf form. Cooling system https://ufile.io/7b31q Engine control https://ufile.io/ltv1r Engine Mechanical https://ufile.io/8ygvm Exhaust https://ufile.io/fny97 Lubrication https://ufile.io/ao98k Starting system https://ufile.io/znhl7 says it will expire in 30days let me know if you need it reuploaded. please keep it on the dl as not sure about the legalities behind sharing it.
  11. what will the final poduct look like? looks like they would give off a fair bit more lumens than the stock ones!
  12. Thanks for the replies. so it is possible to replace the seals with the head still on? or would it be smarter just to take the head off and do the head gasket at the same time? will i have to re do the timing if i leave the head on? would prefer to not open the engine up as much as possible as want it back on the road asap. Cheers.
  13. Just bought my first Stag and needs the valve stem seals replaced as blowing a bit of smoke on start up and on deceleration. I am quite mechanically minded and taken automotive classes at college etc and have mates that know a lot more about cars that can help me. Just wondering if anyone has any handy info for me (vids of people doing it, tips and general knowledge etc) that they would like to share to make the process a little easier. Even brands or websites you recommend to get the gaskets and seals from, or if i need any specific tools for the job? ( a valve spring compressor tool that will fit?) Thank in Advance.
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