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    Reviving old thread, Did you find that your AUTO8 starter did the job hardsteppa? Im looking at getting a new starter at the moment since mine has gone bust.
  2. Hey guys, So i have an intermittent issue with my RB26 where the starter motor sounds like it is free spinning and scraping on the fly wheel (maybe?) it is a very distinct loud screeching sound. it only happens maybe once in every 8 starts. But im curious to know if anyone has installed and aftermarket starter or should i oull it out and give it a clean? Cheers
  3. michailking@gmail.com

    So i have done a PPSR and DIRD check and have also gone to inspect the car. Numbers on both reports match up, it was complied and registered in Victoria once before. It is not currently registered though. However when i went to inspect that car, he only plate/ sticker i could find is the Japanese VIN plate. As the car has been resprayed i could not find anything else in the door jams and further more the Australian VIN (starting with 6u9000) Was engraved in the strut tower, not stamped and riveted on a plate like most ive seen. If it has import paperwork but no import sticker it would still be able to be registered correct?
  4. michailking@gmail.com

    Hi guys, Im currently looking a a car to purchase however it does not can an Australian vin number plate (the long rectangular stamped alloy one), however it has the blue japanese compliance plate. Can the car be registered on the road in Melbourne if it does not have this australian vin tag? Cheers, Michael