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  1. When talking overseas it's not pleasant for either party to have a solid 3-4 second delay before anything said is received by the other person. Makes the entire process a pain. I managed to find their website and email them, but appreciate the remark nonetheless
  2. Is there a way I can contact them without phoning? As i'm unfortunately in New Zealand. If so I may flick them an email and see if they can arrange shipping one over! Appreciate the advice guys!
  3. Hi all So i'm planning on putting a fair bit more power behind my 34. Is a factory Neo, 25det manual. However am struggling to find a good clutch option to hold 300kw (expecting somewhere between 500-600nm of torque). The issue i'm having is because the car is a pull type clutch, not push. I'm also struggling to find an actual in depth guide of converting the 34 gearbox to push type, which would instantly solve my issues. So basically i'm stuck looking for a clutch that can hold that power for pull type, because I cannot find many options over here in New Zealand. That, or has anyone had any experience or know of a guide that shows how to convert it to a push-type system? I'm not wanting to swap my gearbox for an R33 one, as mine is in perfect condition. Have heard something about potentially swapping the bellhousings over though? Any advice or light on the subject would be appreciated!
  4. (Just for future reference for other people wanting fitment suggestions) I've got Work Meister S1 3P's on my 34 GTT. 18x9 +18p front on a 225/40R18 18x10 + 18p rear on a 255/35R18 Fitment is near perfect. Minimal camber in the rear too. Fronts I could probably have gone another half inch wider and cleared perfectly fine. Car is not sacked on its ass though as I hate guard rub. Only get a tiny bit as is if I go over a solid bump with a few people in the car. I have slightly pulled my fenders however.
  5. Hey guys Am struggling to find a 2 door / coupe roof spoiler for my 34. All the ones i'm seeing seem to be for a 4 door. I'm assuming the rear glass is different for a four door, but wondering if these wings may fit anyway? Has anyone tried this or knows what fitment issues I may run in to?
  6. I’ve never actually felt the timing pull noticably. To me it feels smooth and constant. I don’t believe it pulls timing every time, just occasionally.
  7. Bugger i’m from New Zealand . I’l have to scout a few wreckers out online from here and hope to come across some. Am tempted to just go brand new to eliminate the issue but I guess that’s pointless as I still don’t definitively know what the issue is! Thankyou heaps for your help so far. Will likely have sorted some by the end of the week. Only issue is i’l have no idea if they’l fix the problem until its back on the dyno
  8. Yeah that makes sense. Just weird to not have any CEL's or anything like that, but from what those other threads said it doesn't appear that they throw codes. Am I right in saying there are 2 knock sensors on the car? And if so, would you recommend replacing both of them, or just the one he is listening in on? May have to look around some wreckers for one and fingers crossed it helps!
  9. I believe he is using the factory sensor. Do you guys happen to know what sensors are compatible for the 25det neo? Can i just get any neo knock sensor as a replacement? Or must it be 25det?
  10. Oh wow have had a read of the knock sensor threads. Only thing is my tuner can hear it when listening in through headphones to the sensor? Or would the sensor potentially be magnifying the feedback that was just normal engine vibration and that’s what he’s hearing? i’d think he’d have suggested this to me though? He has a hell of a lot of experience with skylines and is a very respected tuner in NZ.
  11. You think the knock sensor could potentially just be having a meltdown and pinging which is what he is hearing? That would make life a hell of a lot easier. This has completely lost me here haha, i know a fair bit about the workings of motors but am lost as to what you’re talking about here haha. Any more idiot-proof way of putting it? so you’re thinking is it’s more likely to be something else rather than the cam gear, as most past experiences had an audible noise at idle? Thanks heaps for your help so far too.
  12. Appreciate the replies I will look into the part! And no I havent replaced the knock sensor. It appears to be working as intended so have had no reason to replace it. My main concern is that is a massive amount of cash to fork out to only “potentially” fix an issue. But I may just have to bite the bullet. No audible noise whatsoever at idle or outside the car. Listening to it pulling on the dyno you’d never know and the power/torque curves are fine which makes it even stranger. I’m worried at the fact he thinks it “might be” the culrpit. So difficult to diagnose as every time i replace something it would have to be chucked back on there to listen for the issue again.
  13. Hi guys I've been lead to believe by my tuner that my VVT cam gear is making some noise. Around 5000rpm every single pull a noise is picked up by the knock sensor, which keeps going until about 5500rpm at which point it stops, and the ECU sometimes thinks it's knock and pulls timing to compensate. Tuner seems to think it is my intake cam gear, and believes it may be getting a bit noisy for some strange reason. Noise has been described to me almost as a "ddddrrrrrrdrrrrrdrrrrdrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrr" (best way I can describe it on here) and happens every single pull. Can only be heard through the knock sensor which makes diagnosing it a real pain, as putting it on the dyno every time I replace a component is not even remotely practical. Normally this would not bother me enough to pursue, but because it is affecting how the car drives on some pulls, it's not something i'm happy to leave alone. He has also suggested that it could potentially be a lifter, but that seems very unlikely as these cars have solid lifters off memory. So I contacted Nissan, and am unable to get a brand new intake cam gear for less than $1,200 which is absolutely absurd. So i'm now contemplating other solutions to my problem, and have been thinking I would actually be better off going aftermarket cams with adjustable cam gears. However my setup is still relatively stock with a few bolt ons (front mount, exhaust, cold air intake, nistune ecu, stock turbo, stock injectors etc). So my questions really are: 1. Are there any other suggestions for what this noise could be? 2. What other solutions would I have rather than paying $1,200 for a gear from Nissan? 3. Would going cams on a setup as stock as this even be worth it? 4. How much power would I lose if I just went adjustable cam gears on the stock cams? On a side note, I have recently replaced the cambelt with a GATES timing kit as I was lead to believe that could have been the culprit. Mechanic told me the previous cambelt had not been done very well, and had likely been overtensioned. So this rules out the cambelt or any related tensioners to it, but could reinforce the idea of the cam gear being the culprit?... Appreciate any and all feedback!
  14. Am unsure of that. I can’t hear it as it can only be heard through the knock sensor. I assume he will have only done runs with it under load, but probably better to assume it makes it all the time. What were you thinking?
  15. Hey guys i made a post in the past about a strange noise my motor has been making on the dyno. It is only heard through the knock sensor when listening in to it, and starts bang on 5krpm and stops around 5.5k every run without fail. Almost sounds like a very fast ‘ddrrddrrddrrddrr’ (best way i can describe the noise on here). Cannot be heard just listening normally. The ECU is picking this noise up and pulling timing occasionaly because of it, but me and my tuner are stumped as to what it is. It appears to be coming from somewhere in the head area of the motor (at least thats what it sounds like). I’m coming here to look for advice on where to look. The cambelt has just been done with all new pulleys is etc, and has been done properly as I was lead to believe that could be a potential culprit. Disabling the VCT does not affect it, noise is there whether that is on or not. Has anyone else had experience with this or any advice on what it could be? Tuner is thinking it may be my intake cam gear, but has never heard of them failing before. Should also add compression is fantastic on all 6 cylinders, and car only has 105,000kms. Any advice and input is much appreciated!
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