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  1. Thanks, all, for the advice. I hear you loud and clear, but the millenial is set on doing this and I'm just along for the ride. The S20 has new coils and plugs swapped out and the injectors cleaned and tested. I'll talk to East Coast and see what they can do.
  2. So we have an S15, nice car, and we have started the collection process. Got the RB26, and have had the sump modified. In the meantime, the car is not running well. Missing completely on No4 cylinder. The SR20 has numerous mods including GK Tech rocker arm stoppers, Tomei valve guides etc. Have checked/changed coils and injectors. Compression is great, cylinder leak test (valves) coming up. My mechanic mate is thorough and professional, but he is not Jap fluent. In fact , he is a Europe/ Pom specialist and I am a little concerned he may be out of his depth in the analysis of the problem. Anyone know a Nissan specialist in Brisbane apart from the guys up at Caboolture?
  3. Thanks, GTSBoy, you were correct about the SR20, one too many chardy's! Sadly, that option evaporated. While in the negotiating process, the seller actually came to the conclusion that an RB26 was a good idea and pulled the pin. While internet searches are great, I like , and have found, meeting face to face with guys who have done this mod, to be a better source of free flowing info. So the project begins. All I have to do is convince the Millennial to get his hands dirty!
  4. Soo, looking to re engine an S15 with an RB 26 coupled to an R33 gearbox and drive train. I know S15's have had their RB20DET coupled to an R33 g'box using an adapter plate. The 26 won't need a plate, so I was wondering if it was pretty much a drop in bolt up situation. Anyone have any experience with this conversion? Tardo
  5. Hey all, has anyone swapped OEM down pipes for COBB pipes? Mine have arrived but the install video seems highly cautionary with several warnings during the process. Just wondering if it is that bad, or are they just tin plating?
  6. OK guys, just to close this thread, problem fixed. Special thanks to joshuaho96 for your input. I cannot understand the lack of knowledge of our "auto electricians". Had to go back to basics myself to discover that the TCM had an earth leakage, where three "tradesmen" had assured me that it was functioning as it should. The beast is now purring again. Again, thanks to all who offered advice. Tardo PS. Special day today with the delivery of our R34 Mspec Nur. I am very happy to be the custodian of this magnificent vehicle!!!!!
  7. I've had three auto elecs look at this. Sadly, it doesn't involve changing a battery! Two others looked at the TCM as though it was from an alien spacecraft. The car isn't a daily so we will continue to plod along till we get to the bottom of this.
  8. Just gets worse! Haltech checked out ok.Thinks, must be Mongoose alarm/immobiliser. Contact them, very helpfull. Steps provided to isolate the system. No joy, still no spark/fire! So, battery, ok, could make 30ks on the starter motor! Alarm/immobiliser bypassed, ECU checked ok, TCM tested ok, Spitfire coils etc ok. Still no spark impulse at input side of TCM. WTF!!! C'mon guys and girls, put on your thinking caps please! This is getting a bit surreal!
  9. BTW, thanks to wildeagle44, Sam at Whiteys was very helpful and generous with his phone time!
  10. Well, finally got online with Haltech, and it appears there may be an issue with the ECU, so off to Sydney it went. I just hope they find a problem, otherwise there will be a cheap GTR32 available!!!
  11. So, fuel seems good. Replaced the plugs, tested the ignition module, all good, but still no spark. What is the next item upstream of the ignition module? I am running a haltech pro plugin ecu. Is there anything between that and the ignition module that could stop the spark? I am assuming the immobiliser is not the problem because the engine is cranking. Does any one know of a competent mobile auto sparky in the Brisbane area? Anything to save a tow! Tardo
  12. Thanks, guys, still working through it, keep you posted!
  13. So car in storage for about two months, battery flat. Charged it up and used another jump start battery to boost. No start. Not even a hint of firing. RACQ guy says he can't detect any spark anywhere. Fuel seems ok, pump runs and you can smell fuel in the exhaust after much cranking. Ran perfectly before. The only thing I can think of that is common to all cylinders, which may have been affected by the flat battery, is the immobiliser. I don't know what brand it is or whether it would allow cranking without spark, but I think it's worth a try. Would I be right in assuming that if I removed all the stuff attached to the positive battery terminal I would effectively isolate the immobiliser? Are there any tricks to this? The immobiliser operates through the lock/unlock button on the remote. Any ideas appreciated. Tardo
  14. Hey guys, Just fitted new RDA rotors and EBC pads to front wheels. Callipers refurbished and cleaned, brakes bled. Now car pulls right noticeably. The brake lights stay on until you hook your toe under brake pedal and pull it out. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Hey guys, amazing what a bit of investigating can do. Found a corroded and leaking coolant pipe under the intake manifold, which probably explains the white vapour/smoke. The missing under load was caused by a cracked spark plug on number 4 cylinder. I thought a head gasket issue was unlikely cos they're pretty bullet proof on the 32, so glad I didn't rip into it! Tardo
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