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  1. Following my apparent issues with 'axel tramp' I've come to realise that it's the driveshaft playing around When getting my custom driveshaft I reused my rear half and hanger bearing and got the front half remade. I went to replace the hanger bearing as a precaution however the parts shop gave me a front hanger bearing instead of a rear one. The front one is solid mounted to the body where my one has a U holding it in place Is it possible that my vibration when dumping it is caused from the hanger bearing type/location not being solid enough?
  2. I took my mechanic for a drive today just to show him whats up. He got out and I dumped it and he said the wheels werent hopping at all. We put it in the air and he wasnt black and white sure but he things it might be my hanger bearing. I'm hoping this is the case. However I've recently installed an rb25 big box and hence had a custom driveshaft made up..
  3. Thanks gts boy. Being older the diff is solid mounted to the subframe. I'll check all the other bushes for the suspension. How do I check for driveshaft twist?
  4. My mates with similar setups dont seem to have this problem
  5. Hi there. Having some issues with axel tramp in my a31 cefiro (Same as r32) Only occurs when I first drop the clutch in first for about half a second then it will light up normally Also happens if I change gears hard during loss of traction. Ie 1st to second and dump the clutch Have bc gold suspension and have fitted locking collars (pineapples) however they were no help. Any ideas what's up?
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