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  1. Hi guys, I have a 20 litre drum of brand new Motul 300v in 5W30. this stuff retails for $70+ per litre! Pick up only in Melb for $550. PM me. https://www.motul.com/system/product_descriptions/technical_data_sheets/51784/original/300V_Power_Racing_5W-30_%28GB%29.pdf?1339171623
  2. Sycorb got the front inner guard liners? need LHS one.
  3. RBN1 from bitter experience - drive it as much as you can. took my dirty stinking datsun to Sandown (drive it about 4 times a year) and in the first session developed a misfire (coils/ ignitor). thing is these things are simply getting old and maintenance starts to add up...
  4. Yeah because i'm an retard - I actually ned the LEFT side inner guard.
  5. Hey, looking for an undamaged (including all mounting points) R32 GTR RHS inner guard liner let me know. thanks
  6. Shivam, I don't really come to SAU anymore but this is awesome. Black GTRs go harder. Fact.
  7. Guys I need to do this to the Honda Euro we have, and was thinking of putting the 3M paint protector clear vinyl stuff over the headlight once cleaned. I reckon this should work quite well as the 3M stuff is UV protected and virtually invisible. thoughts?
  8. So here's some pics. My favourite is the last one that has awesome reflections on the front right guard, door and rear quarters. Enjoy
  9. Marko, pics to come... I went out last week for a drive to take some pics, but when I got to where I wanted to take pics I left my CF card in the reader. Fail. Will probably head out this week again.
  10. dammit. i was going to offer a swap for RSCLWN. i think they're better for the OP.
  11. Also have a Ryco Z387 fuel filter for sale, brand new - $20 pick that guy up with your other bits!
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