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  1. hahahaaha thats hilarious. Regardless of the orientation that looks like a great project. I am looking forward to seeing this go through the process and what the final product looks like.
  2. angakh

    Car looks great man. There are some cars and coffee meets happening this spring, hope you can make it down, I'd love to see this thing in person. There is one at Larz Anderson May 19th and another at Audi/Porsche of Burlington (MA) June 10th
  3. angakh

    +1 Please please document your build. It will be great for your own reference and for others as well. I always take pictures of before, during, and after. Sometimes it comes in handy when looking back to see where something was "supposed to be". lol
  4. angakh

    Hey Squid, welcome to the site, as the previous posts have mentioned I'd love to see some pics and hear more about your cars.
  5. angakh

    Welcome to the site Mike, the car is beautiful. Where in the states are you? I just attended a cars and coffee event and was the only jdm car there it would be nice to have some backup lol.
  6. angakh

    The seller actually has the nismo suspension and is willing to sell it, but I like how it drives as is, its just that sometimes I don't see how bad a bump is or I miss judge it and when I go over feels like the car is going to explode. And in that moment I apologize to the car. The things that need attention are actually not that bad. Like the driverside window is loose and the squeegy liner at the base of the window has broken clips so when the window comes up it pushes it off. The glove box is loose and pops open over hard bumps, the vents need to be replaced, but mechanically the guy who owned this car took real good care of it. I am hoping I can do as good of a job.
  7. angakh

    Thanks Jordy!
  8. angakh

    Hi there! The roads here are always in need of repair and with the suspension being stiff and lowered a bit makes me feel bad for the car sometimes. In addition to the roads we have some of the worst drivers so keeping an eye out for people reading a book while driving behind you has me on edge lol. Otherwise its great, I love the way this car handles I really didn't expect it to be so tight and grounded around turns. I wish it was stock so I could see how it drove in 1989 before it was updated a bit.
  9. angakh

    Here is one from the seller's original post. The pictures I have taken are terrible.
  10. angakh

    Hey everyone, last year my 07 Subaru STi had some mechanical issues and I decided to sell it and save on top of that for one of my dream cars the BNR32. I have been driving it for two weeks and am so glad that it has exceeded my expectations. The only thing that was missing compared to when I had my subaru was the community. After asking around I was told that this was the place for me. I am looking forward to being part of this community and learning from those that have more experience with the R32. Cheers.