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  1. ..... It may be the new software update. I loaded the new update on my laptop a week or two ago. I didn't use it til today. Tryna change it offline with my old file and it's not saving settings. I'm emailing Haltech now.
  2. I tried that too. Even loaded my old file from January. Still reverts. And I just updated the firmware today so i know it wasn't that
  3. Mine is set to pin 18. Mine worked fine as well. Idl what to make of it. This calls for an email to Haltech
  4. Full was 0.27 / half 1.31 / E 2.53 Just full changed. I kinda fixed it. So I have a haltech fuel sender conditioner still wired. I think it died from getting gas in it from pulling the sender, but I had it wired up still. I pulled the power wire off for it which seemed to have made the OEM sender signal stick to full. Once I put the power from the conditioner to the battery, It started reading 15gals. However the ICC software still reads 0.01 and revert while trying to change
  5. So now I'm having the same issue as you. My sender stopped reading the other day as the full value changed. It doesn't set when pressing apply I dont know why. I just did it out the blue
  6. I have a Plat Pro. i didnt have issues it any auto correction of the values or the resistor button being locked out
  7. Check the previous page for the readings I had. I thought they seemed low but the other members had similar readings. I used those and everything seemed fine, then some reason they weren't. After a day the senders reading were 0 (on both the OEM and Haltech conditioner) from what I personally got from pulling the sender. I went back to the voltage numbers from the how to write-up article and the level read numbers and close to the level I had which was nearly full. From memory the article number were 0.27 full/1.31 half/2.53 empty. I was pissed cause all the work to pull that sender out and get the reading and it didn't work as planned for me. I cleaned the sender rail and everything. Idk why it reverted to the higher readings. So I'd say to u, use both sets of reading and see what works for u. To add I think the haltech sender died. Maybe got fuel in it. I will check to see if it works again after my work trip, but the oem seems to work better imo.
  8. Thx man. I bought the Haltech one for a Z32 thinking it would fir and it doesn't. I will get the one from PRP as it states its a direct fit on the stock plenum.
  9. All What aftermarket fast response air sensor fits the stock RB26 plenum location? I bought the Haltech one for Z32 and it doesn't fit. Is everyone just up-sizing the hole?
  10. did you use the pull up at all? and whats your filter level?
  11. Ok thx all. Just gave me some assurance. Those numbers were way off compared to the fuel sender how-to, which made me 2nd guess my findings.
  12. What voltage are you guy getting on your fuel sender? When i checked mine the Ohms read proper. When i plugged up to check the voltage i was getting very super low numbers (Full 0.02 // half 0.13 // Empty 0.42.
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