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  1. No, this isn't a normal sound, it's definitely something wrong. It's about as loud as a squealing belt too. Is there some sort of bearing related to the reverse gear that can fail? I've never torn a manual box apart before so I'm not entirely sure.
  2. volta

    This is what the guy at RHD Specialties told me were on it, I've yet to get under it though.
  3. volta

    Sure guys! It's a '93 GTSt Type M. 165k K's on it. A few mods include JUN coilovers, catback exhaust, strut brace, GTR wheels and Firehawk Indy 500 tires! Currently chasing some little issues as I've just taken delivery but she'll be up to snuff soon enough, I hope!
  4. Hi guys/gals! I'm trying to figure out a strange sound coming from my Skyline. Every so often, say, once every 3 or 4 times I reverse out of my garage, I hear an awful sound coming from under the car. I equate it to a slipping belt, but a lower tone. It sticks around for maybe 10 seconds, and goes away. No issues driving as of yet, no clicking/grinding. It's just a loud howl and I want to address it before it gets worse. Has anyone had this issue by chance? I was asking some friends local to me and they figure throw out bearing is failing. Ideas? Car is a '93 GTSt coupe with 165k K's on it.
  5. Hi everyone! New to the site, new to Nissan in fact. Acquired my dream car a few weeks ago, and am joining up here to share information and maybe learn about my car along the way. Thanks for reading, and have a great one!