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  1. thanks that is very help full. Is the car devalued if it was once a Auto and now a manual? I have found a coupe GTV R34 For 9k is that a reasonable price for a no original car.
  2. If I was buying a R34 How can I tell if it was originally a Manual or an automatic. is there a number on the Id plate that would specify what the car was when it was manufactured
  3. The head light came in as described in better condition than my original. i couldn't resist so i purchased another one
  4. did like you advised. Got the head light from Yahoo Japan 260 Au plus shipping. You needed to dig deep but good priced one can still be found.
  5. I just wanted some help. I think you are correct I am way out side my pay grade. this is not the place for me.
  6. Your comments have given me the drive to move forward. Watch this space. I will show you how its done.
  7. I have Just purchased an R34 that needs a Right hand head light. A pair of head lights are more expensive than I paid for the car . I have a few questions is Why are they expensive and secondly has anybody ever looked at finding an alternative from another manufacture. Just anything that will fit in the hole. A new mounting brackets could be fabricated to accommodate an alternative. if it was possible it could save owners a lot of money a force the prices down.
  8. I have established OBD-II communication with the IMPUL ECU in my Japanese delivered V36 370 Skyline. For anybody using the after market IMPUL ECU the protocol seem to be ISO15765-4CAN (11bit ID, 500 Kbaud) . 😂
  9. I have located Luxury & Performance Cars in Bayswater on the net and i will be giving them a call. I will let you what they say. Thank you.
  10. I am a new owner of a skyilne 370GT V36 and it came with a IMPUL ECU and throttle bodies. I cant find any data on the web if ECU communicates in any of standard OBD-II protocol systems. There are a few reason i need to know what it is capable of. One is I need to have a second key fob programed. can any body point in a direction of information on this problem before i spend money Only to be informed its not compatible with what ever is plunged into it. The ECU is great the car has no speed limiting and the red line it 8000 rpm and it goes like stink. But if it locks me out of standard maintenance then it all goes for nothing.
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