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  1. Yeah i’ve spoken on fb to the guy who has the white one, good way of bringing your skid tyres with you haha Definitely more c34s around but our cars are definitely not rare, I used to drive through Seven Hills station every arvo and would often see a blue M35, as well as a brown one around Marayong sometimes Where do you get work done on your car? I haven’t really had to get much done to my car since i’ve been working in this area, would be handy if there was a workshop around with experience with these cars And yeah I haven’t really been driving the car every day, after getting the front end painted i’d rather just let it sit in the garage and take the bike instead haha
  2. Yeah mate that’s me! Always nice to see another m35 on the road, makes my morning haha. Your car looks a whole lot faster than mine though There actually seem to be a few Stageas in the area, I sometimes see some C34s in afternoon traffic on Sunnyholt Rd
  3. Hi mate, I’ve still got the stock rear muffler that I picked up from you a while ago (didn’t need it, turns out mine wasn’t bad). Will have to do some searching for the chrome tips though Located Blacktown area, free to pick up of course Can’t help you with the middle section though
  4. hey mate, have you still got the parts or have you chucked them already?
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