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  1. Hey everyone! I have done a couple searches on the forum and it seems like the popular choice is installing an Asuka TV tuner into the stock TV tuner, unfortunately I am having issues finding one to buy online. I am wondering if anyone has installed a mirroring box instead? I have been able to find the Asuka mirroring box and similar units for sale, my only concern is how the screen will displayed mirroring a smart phone specifically for downloaded netflix shows. Having digital TV does interest me but I feel the amount of channels I will get in Canada and road tripping into the US it would just be better to mirror my device into the TV tuner. A little info on the car if that changes anything: 2002 Nissan Stagea 250t RS, it has an aftermarket japanese head unit in it, the TV tuner works as much as it can without an analogue signal and I am located in Canada. Here are two mirroring boxes that I am considering: asuka mirror Generic mirror
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