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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. Nothings split on intercooler hosing etc and nothing has blown off so will check it more but it’s not looking too fantastic.
  2. Thanks champ! apologies for not proof reading my post. I’ll be sure to send you my assignments for a quick proof read before I put them in.
  3. Yeah, I tried to drive it down the road to get it to a shop but now the excellerator is just stuck on when I start it. Have dissconnected the battery quickly. But same.
  4. Hey Guys, incredibly new to owning a turbo/import as well as not very knowledgeable at all mechanically. Picked up a R33 GTST a week ago. Driving last night I excellerated (not flat but still a bit) and there was a loud pop followed by the engine shutting off. I didn’t notice any smoke etc. left the car to sit for a few minutes and started it. Ran rough for the first start then quickly went back to a standard idle and ran well at low RPM. Nersed it home without hitting 0.00 bar. But if you try to excellerate more the it will not go at all over 0.00. Thinking it could have been a pipe that’s blown off, but a quick look at all the intercooler pipes look tight and okay. In saying this I haven’t taken off any covers etc of anything else. Engine wise car has few small modifications such as larger front mount, turbosmart E-boost street controller, different BOV, 3” Dump pipe and full exhaust, 200kw dyno time and has been really well taken care off service wise. is it likely I have blown the stock turbo? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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