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  1. Thank you heaps mate that’s them
  2. Hey guys I’m looking at these rims, they have the work rims sticker on the inner lip and the back. I think they look like like work cr2p what do you guys think? the date on them is 98.10.20 18x9J +35
  3. Hey guys after some 4x114.3 rims for my 31 prefer dished style meshies, Watanabe kind of cheap let me know
  4. I already have both turbos, the surge tank it due to the shitty design of holdens fuel tanks (in the vl) I don’t want to risk detention when cornering. I have been leaning towards the 3540. A lot of the mods are for future proofing the car, I’m restoring it so the fuel tanks out and the intake is off so I figure I don’t ever wanna change shit twice. Everything ive listed I already have of another build Hahahah so I’m pretty well kitted at my house for rb30s
  5. Hey guys I’ve currently got a rb30 and I’m gonna boost it, my build plans are haltech ps2000 highmount with external gate 45mm na bottom end turbo oil pump have 660cc injectors night go higher like 1500cc new timing belt and water pump seals (service shit) arp headstuds Mls headgasket wade cam (can’t remeber which one) head to be clean and polished pep pro racing valves new steams and heavy duty vavle springs intank walbro 460 runing to a surge tank with twin 044s Got a 3inch dump pipe I’m aiming for 300rw kw For my turbo choice is where I’m stuck I currently have a gtx3076 0.82r and a gt3540 off a xr6 turbo. Which turbo will get me to 300 with my engine build, will the 3076 make it or will I have to go the 35? And what kind of safe boost level would I see with the na bottom end on 98 and e85?
  6. Hey guys i have a r31 skyline and i have just started to get into drifting. I have done one skid pan event with it which i enjoyed. i have coil overs all round and a locked diff I need some questions from you guys about general stuff Ok so i need some Tyre tips: Wheres a good place where to get a good front Tyre in Vic and what tires are a good base for a entry level setup, i was thinking the federal 595? im not to sure. as for the rears where do you guys get your cheaper rear tires? also where do you guys buy your drift components in Australia like (hydro handbrakes, lock kits and other fun stuff)
  7. Hi I am looking for a bolt in roll cage and harnesses as well as a hydro hand break for my r31 skyline vic cheers
  8. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
  9. Hello im looking for s13 coilovers vic also looking for cheap drifter wheels for a skidpan event thank you heaps from Joel
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