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  1. So I decided that the Alfa Romeo engine would be better served in my Formula 3 (as it was an engine originally used in the series) and have decided to install a Lexus 4GR-FSE engine, stroked to 3.5L and using a single turbo setup. The second chassis I make will probably be intended to look a lot more like the Ariel Atom and that will use the VQ37 engine that I have stored away. I advanced with one of the manifolds today, using a narrow angle configuration for the runners, which will promote scavenging. The two banks of manifolds will merge together and the turbo will sit above the transmission.
  2. Making something unique from steel or anything else from that matter is very satisfying ?
  3. You really need to do a boost leak test to see if a silicon hose is split, or if the intercooler etc has damage such as a crack. Even with a significant boost leak you will see some positive pressure (boost) reaching the engine and you will usually hear the gush of the escaping boost unless your exhaust is very loud. You also need to check to see if the wastegate or bov are seized in the open position, or if some foreign object is stuck on the seat of either of these and bleeding boost. Check for back pressure in the exhaust. Something may be obstructing the flow. Good luck
  4. Hi, i do have them if still required
  5. You can make them of any size within reason. I do this also when fabricating hot rod bumperbars, also for clients (household/buisiness) tabletops and bars that require nice smooth radius' with no visible joins. Looks great on stainless. The larger the radius/longer the piece the thicker the material should be depending on load ratings.
  6. Agreed, and no assumption has been made. When you design and fabricate vehicles from scratch you expect a certain amount of fiddling to be required!
  7. Thank you Prank. I realise this is a Nissan website, but posted hoping to find some comparative data to the RB's with similar setups as my google searches were showing very little. I have since found some great info on this site with cars running similar setups which is very useful ?
  8. To be honest I would assume there would be some adaptation necessary, however the standard VQ bolt pattern should carry over without issues, then the "fun" would begin to make it all work. I feel the gearbox itself would be quite robust, as it is designed for the VQ engine and to carry a big car that would potentially be full of passengers and a big trailer hanging off the back. No idea how many were produced, but I will be beginning a search in the near future
  9. There is plenty of room for transversal setups. The current engine as mentioned is Alfa Romeo using a FWD gearbox. When I do the next chassis with the VQ37 I will use a Maxima manual FWD gearbox and shafts, at least that is what I am planning
  10. I have been asked a lot at car meets how I curved my steel SHS tubing for projects I build...without crimping or the outside corner sucking-in. So I thought someone may find this helpful. It sure does produce a great result and causes some head scratching. pictures should explain the process. Important to chamfer the edges of the steel to ensure full weld penetration and increase surface area for the weld filler. I have used these on steps for monster trucks and have never had a failure....the tubing buckles long before the welding or HAZ. I do only weld with a TIG and I consider that crucial...
  11. Hi guys, just thought I would put up some pics of a fun project I am building. It is a exoskeleton-type chassis that will seat two and is mid-engined. The chassis is not yet complete in the photos, and I am busy adding triangulation and making changes as I go. Won't be using STI wheels, those were just for "full effect" ? For now this is being built in mild steel as-is a prototype that needs changes made as issues arise during manufacture. Once i am happy with the final specifics and approved for road use, I will build another from much thinner wall 4130 chromoly. I am a Fabricator, so the welding shots were compulsory! This car is running an Alfa Romeo 2.0 engine, which I have also developed a turbocharger setup for, and will make between 250-350hp boost-dependant. This will weigh about 550-580kg. I also have a 370z engine that I may twin-turbo and throw in the back, which would be quite hilarious. Depending on my workload, I hope to have this thing running in the next few months, and if there is any interest I will keep it updated as things move along. Hope to do some roll racing and circuit racing in the future at SMSP and Wakefield
  12. We are currently using a TS 9180 on a stock-block 1JZ with 264 cams. Made 640WHP on 26psi with a few teething issues and a faulty EBC. Power comes on very nicely for a large turbo and sure holds on well up top. I certainly expect with some development we will reach 700WHP at the same 26psi though that is certainly dangerous territory on an old long block.
  13. Hi guys, I am new to this site but not to Motorsports. Just wanted to include the dyno results of a car I have been assisting to build, and your thoughts would be appreciated. To give some perspective, this car was built over a period of 3 years, and was tuned at the last minute late one night before heading to an event. As such, the tuning is not complete. It could be considered an advanced baseline tune but far from finished. We have yet to log data regarding the EGT's in each runner, no data on AFR's and the power graph is very wavey as the EBC was not functioning correctly. Unfortunately also, the x-axis is in km/h instead of RPM which I find difficult to use for extrapolating data on boost threshold etc,,,,anyway a quick mods list: - 1JZ, stock longblock with exception of slip-in HKS 264 cams - EFR 9180 TS Borg Warner - 6 Boost exhaust manifold, 50mm Progate - I built (360CF) the intake manifold w/75mm throttle body - 360CF 4" intercooler - 360CF 2.5" off turbo blending to 3" intercooler tubing - 3.5" exhaust running catalytic converter and quiet baffled muffler - Smallish air filter - Microtech ECU and running E-85 tuned by Blacktrack We will be doing further dyno testing without the cat and running just a straight exhaust, a larger air filter, new EBC and more datalogging of EGTs etc. you can see the boost fluctuations hurt the power curve, however the overall graph looks really impressive, the power shoots for the sky and just hangs in there. A real shame we can't see the RPM's but it seems to be spooling better than the GT35R's I've seen online and holding for longer up top as well. 640WHP was at (inconsistently) 26psi. With a few changes and refinements I have no doubt we can hit 700, though the stock internals must be close to their limit. Anyway, I have found very little on similar engines such as the RB running a similar setup that I can refer to, so any experience you may have would be appreciated.
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