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  1. Well if there is no stock limit on the rods , think I’ll be putting some arp rod bolts , forged pistons and see how they go. thank you cheers
  2. I don’t mind spending on some forged rods , but want to know what’s the limit on the stock rods so I could maybe excuse that expense. If they survive my power levels for a good time that’s all I care for. Think I’ll definitely be getting some forged pistons though. thank you
  3. Hello sau folks , last post was regarding some Hks rods I was interested in purchasing for my rb25. Little did we know a worldwide pandemic was in the works ?. Regardless those are already sold and I must move on. Must’ve been fate. Anyways I wanted to know what the durability of the stock rb25 rods were and what power they start to go at. It’s not like I’m looking for huge power (350-500hp) but I am looking for great long run reliability. I know the stock pistons are the first to go before rods so I don’t mind getting some forgies. I have done some research and read rb26 rods are a great and cheap alternative for added beefiness. So might be on the look for some. So should I just pair my stock rods with forged pistons or go the rb26 rod, forged piston route ? or am I just overthinking it lol. thank you guys.
  4. Thank you for the detailed response piggaz! Glad it’ll be able to work since it’s a great deal I found on those. Not needing a rebuild at the moment but can’t let these slip noe knowing they’ll be good for my application. and for the rb26 crank and pistons , I have given the idea a go but since I’m in the states it’s a little more difficult to source one. But ill see as time goes. Thank you!
  5. ok ok, think I get you. So considering the rods for all those different stroke lengths are the same Length then I assume they would just work with my choice of forged rb25 pistons ?
  6. on the rods the pin bore is 21.0 so need some pistons to align up with that specifically, yes?
  7. Thank you for clarifying that for me BK, now I done a bit of research on the rods and seems they come from the Hks 2.8 step zero kit. So pretty stout rods. Now another question, maybe an arrogant one but would I be able to use these rods paired with other pistons other than the Hks ones ?
  8. Thank you for clarifying this guys. Glad to know all rb25, 26 and 28 rods are the same Length. so excited to purchase these and begin this journey ?
  9. Hello fellow rb owners, i found a good deal on some Hks rb28 rods , and I was wondering if they would fit inside a rb25? Going for a budget build and this is a good beginning on the internals if prove to fit. thank you.
  10. Looking for a gt3037 pro s or gt2835 pro s. If anyone has one let me know ! Living in the United States so we can work something out! thank you
  11. Wow you guys really went into depth ! Was out for a few days lol. From what I newly learned and understood is a “head drain” is essentially to relief pressure from the crankcase gases going up thru all the engines holes and making it easier for oil to drain back , correct ? Now I do have one fitting on the extended sump already. Is it necessary to make another one? One line tee’ d off to the sump and to the intake. Them the other like to the covers ? Would this way work ? still need to buy some other bits like the crank collar and the correct size oil restrictors. I’m in the states so it’s a little more difficult to source rb parts out but I think as we got more rb cars imported people are really getting more into them. Anyways my solid goal is to make my car as reliable as I can to have as much seat time as I can. Now need to buy some more maintenance bits and turbo and manifold and we’re off to go. Thank you everyone for the input ! P.s I’ll give these sard injectors a chance this season and see how they act up. But will be getting some modern ones later on. Just on a budget lol.
  12. still have engine out and haven’t even begun to take it apart yet. Since it already has one fitting on the sump is it necessary to make another one ? Your saying to not bother with a head drain , is it not as efficient as everyone claims ? Or does it drain back better when fitted to the oil catch Can? Forgot to mention my ecu , I have a haltech pro plug in. So in that department im set
  13. Hello , so I have some scrambled thoughts on my planned setup for my rb25 build. Plan on using it for street/track mainly consisting of drifting. Plan on achieving 350whp. refreshing the engine up as we speak. I have bought almost all the oil control issue mods ; bigger capacity sump from Lewis engines, n1 oil pump with billet spool gears to go along with it, head drain , oil restrictors, and nitto crank collar. Sound good ? plus all the other maintenance bits. performance side I’ll be getting a sinco exhaust manifold , unsure of turbo yet. Sard top feed 850cc injectors , walbro fuel pump, Hks fuel rail. Since I’m not chasing for huge power and just wanting to keep my rb as reliable as I can I thought addressing all the oil problems with as much as I could. What else should I look at for ?
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