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  1. Hey thank you Cal! I got some fittings similar to yours just have to wait for them to arrive 🙂 but thank you for this made it so easy! Now as for the intake pipes think I could get some metal ones like that to fit on my stock turbo?
  2. Thank you guys for telling me exactly what they’re meant for. And gtsboy I will be doing just that, but with the fittings I’ll be buying only have one outlet opposed to the oem one with 2. Unless I can connect it somehow the bottom of the intake. I’ll see how I’ll reroute once I read and learn. Thank you guys much appreciated
  3. Hello guys, so I’m looking into cleaning my engine bay and adding some goodies while I’m at it. I want to add a nice catch can setup with some braided lines running to it, so I’ll be adding some nice valve cover fittings. Issue is what is the pipe that is connected to top of the oem fittings do and how can I delete it? I know it connects to the turbo so I’m guessing it does something with oil? Hey guys hopefully you can understand what I mean, I also left a picture highlighting the pipes I meant. Thank you
  4. Makes sense , if I don’t unplug it it’ll just keep cracking but won’t turn on. As soon as I disconnect the tps boom fires right up. So I really do hope something is wrong in the tune. Previous owner did mention it needed one, never could’ve guessed that it could help in that regard as well.
  5. thanks for the info, and no once it’s on it Idles good when I reconnect the tps sensor. And no since I do not see one anywhere. So I really do hope it’s somethinh with the tune. Previous owner did touch up on that , it needing a tune.
  6. Hello sau(: , I have found out that my rb25det equipped s14 does not have a maf sensor. Guy that I bought it off of said the maf was going bad so everytime you go to turn the car on you have to disconnect the connector that connects to the TPS sensor and another wire. I searched and searched everywhere where a maf would be, but nope no where. But then I came to the conclusion that it might have another sensor that reads air temp or measures it, as it has a Haltech pro plug in Ecu. Which can use other sensors rather then sticking to the maf. So where should I check, do to figure out this problem? Any help would be much appreciated guys. Need to figure this out so I can skip to other things. ( I uploaded a pic to show what I disconnect so I can turn on the car and then reconnect it back)
  7. Hello fellow rb brothers ! I say rb cause I don’t own a skyline as I am located in the us, but do own the legendary heart of one. It is tucked neatly in my s14 and I love it! I decided to join this forum because of how well you guys in Australia know your rbs and who better to talk to about them then you guys. So I’m excited to join the forum!
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