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  1. Jesseraayy

    Ok sweet yea and its my daily so wanna keep it reliable and decent fuel
  2. Jesseraayy

    Looks like a awesome build man!! But unfortunately i dont have the money to do such a build haha mine will be literally maintenance/preventable maintance
  3. Jesseraayy

    Ok sweet thanks man. Ill do a comp test if everything is algood ill leave it. But ill be replacing all exterior gaskets and seals.
  4. Jesseraayy

    Ill pass on that thanks
  5. Jesseraayy

    Alright so im thinking of pulling my rb25det out to fix up all the wiring and clean up the whole bay as whoever did the conversion did horrible job. Now i haven't compression tested it yet but it all seems to be going good. My question is whilst i have the engine out and im replacing all seals should i do a new head gasket and big ends whilst its accessible for piece of mind? Or should i do a comp test and go from there? Rolling shot for your time
  6. Jesseraayy

    Yea i dont plan i winding it anymore i definitely do notice a little difference from 7-9psi though. But in saying that i dont thrash it round everywhere as it is my daily and like you said dont want to wreck my fuel economy. I get 500km out of a tank give or take 50km depending on how its driven.
  7. Jesseraayy

    Oh i never new that. Thanks man
  8. Jesseraayy

    Alright sweet as thanks heaps 👌
  9. Jesseraayy

    Thanks for looking it up also
  10. Jesseraayy

    Excuse my ignorance but whats Sik_r31? Those part numbers will i be able to use to them at a place like bursons?
  11. Jesseraayy

    As much as id like to $800 is abit out of my budget at the moment. So just have the car running with the vac hose off and adjust from there?
  12. Jesseraayy

    Heres my vin
  13. Jesseraayy

    Oh really? From what i read 43psi was the max you could go. Ill set it to 43.5psi and see how i go. I intend on getting a nistune but gonna pull my engine soon and freshen everything up before i get a ecu.
  14. Jesseraayy

    Also have a walbro 255
  15. Alright so my r32 with a s2 rb25det started pinging at about half to 3/4 throttle in 3rd a little bit when i turned the boost up to 9psi with a boost t. I installed a adjustable fpr and up the pressure slightly to about 40psi. The pinging stopped but at a drift day i was at yesterday i noticed it doing it under hard acceleration in second gear. The car is stock apart from the basic fmic exhaust boost t and fpr. Any ideas on what could be causing it? Timing was checked a while ago and it was correct. Only started doing it since the boost was set at 9psi