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  1. Jesseraayy

    Sorry it is a 2wd and it came as a hub and bearing assembly. So when i went to push in the cv shaft it just spins without meshing to the splines
  2. Hae all so im replacing my wheel bearing on my 1993 r32 and its been a complete nightmare. So i originally bought a bearing off ebay for a r32 as pictured Then once apart i come to realise its wrong and its this type Now after alot of searching i come to the assumption i have a type m? Because i have 4pot brakes on front 2pot on the rear and digital climate control. i eventually found a bearing through bursons it came up as a r32 gtr drum handbrake type so i got it, fitted it up and the inner diameter for the cv spline is to big. Can some one please tell me exactly which one will fit because the lady at bursons said there were no other listings for a 32 apart from what i bought from them and the original one i bought. Need one by the weekend. Thanks
  3. Jesseraayy

    I might come along one day! Im booked in for a skid pan day through skid control on sunday at gympie so that should be good fun
  4. Jesseraayy

    Maybe when i get a bigger turbo so i stand some chance hahah
  5. Jesseraayy

    Thanks This is the only other one i have with these the current wheels.
  6. Jesseraayy

    Hae guys my names Jesse im from new zealand but live in brisbane. I own a 1993 r32 skyline with a s2 rb25det in it.. nothing fancy about it engine wise just all looks at the moment. But its been my dream car since i was a youngen white wheels are from before i got defected for spacers silver wheels are most resent.