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  1. So I fixed mine. Don't know what it was exactly, replaced wiring from ebc to solenoid, replaced all vacuum hoses and clamps, unhooked battery and pumped brake pedal to reset computer. Just took it for a drive and hit 19.2psi, popped intercooler pipe lol
  2. @BoostisBliss if you solve this problem please let me know. Truth be told the reason I commented is because I've been having the exact same issue ever since I upgraded my R34's turbo to a gtx2863r. I've tried everything, MBC, eboost street ebc, eboost2 ebc. No matter what I can't get it to boost over 11.8psi
  3. Remove C clip and loosen the lock nut at the other end of the arm. Take actuator arm off the pin, adjust by winding the arm on the thread in or out. Put the arm back on pin, tighten locknut, replace C clip. Adjustments done to the actuator should be small. Winding the arm in a few turns will shorten it and make it hold the wastegate shut with a little more force ( too short and you might have troubles with the wastegate opening). When you say your going to run a hose directly from your MBC to wastegate, shouldn't it already be like that? If you simply unplug the vacuum line going to the wastegate actuator it will give you unlimited boost (so go easy!). If it then gets over 9psi I'd say MBC is faulty, if it still doesn't go over 9psi I'm pretty sure you have a boost leak sonewhere
  4. MBC. Were you using the exact same MBC with your last turbos? If so, has the adjustment knob/dial been changed at all since then? (Clockwise increases boost, counterclockwise decreases boost. Completely counterclockwise would run wastegate pressure). If I remember the hallman MBC correctly, the nipple coming straight out of the end goes to your boost source and the one coming out at a right angle goes to your wastegate actuator. The wastegate nipple has a tiny hole on one of the flat sides of the barb that it needs in order to function, so if at any stage you took these fittings out make sure they went back in the same way. Wastegate Actuator. Another possibility could be the wastegate not staying closed properly, perhaps caused by the actuator arm being improperly adjusted. Did you buy this set of stock turbos brand new or second hand? If you try to move the actuator arm with your hand is it hard or does it move easily? I'm assuming the stock turbos are internally gated, otherwise ignore this one as I have no experience with external wastegate setups (yet ;P) ECU Are you running the standard ECU or aftermarket? Have you checked for any error codes, possibly from blowing your old turbos? Without knowing your full setup that's all I can really think of... Has anything else been changed between when you had your old ones and now, even something as small as vacuum lines etc? I'm in no way an expert, just thought I'd put my two cents in until one of the more knowledgeable members can help you out By the way what boost were you running before?
  5. -16 to -18 in my RB25DET Neo. Before putting my front mount intercooler in it was around -20
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