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  1. Question: I have a R33 GTS-T RB25 automatic in my R34 GT-T. I also have on the bench... a pull type AWD staega transmission with bad gears, AND a Z32 TT transmission in great shape. Is it going to even be possible to swap bellhousings from the AWD pull type transmission over to the Z32 and achieve a manual swap? A spec clutch just came up for grabs, still in package, but I don't know if I can even use it.
  2. What really bothers me about forums, is this shows up in the search engine instead of valuable information. Admin, you need to delete these threads as they are being indexed and we have an abundance of questions or/and broken links.
  3. Do you have links to said parts? The problem with old forums is there are a bunch a broken links, missing pictures etc.
  4. I may have fixed my wheel problem. I purchased URAS superwide Aero.
  5. So, I have an automatic R34 GT-T. I managed to find a strong Z32 transmission, and then found a Staega AWD transmission with a couple slippilng gears. So, here in Canuckistan, parts are hard to find, so I bought them both. I'm probably going to swap out bellhousing, but searching this site produces lots of links that are dead, and pictures that are missing. For the Canadians, and soon, Americans... this is going to be a nightmare to have so many broken links. My car R34 GT-T with R33 RB25DET ..why? I don't know. But now I get the joy of sourcing parts and figuring it out. Anyone swap over to manual? I'd like to talk to you directly.
  6. I had to create my own steering lines working with a chase bays reservoir. Wasn't hard, just had to heat up the hoses so they would stretch a little. The video didn't record well (glitchy) otherwise I would have made a how-to video. BTW, I Live in Canuckistan.
  7. I keep forgetting. The higher you move up the car ownership, the less hands on the owners are. Thanks for the link you randomly grabbed off the internet which is nowhere near me. Whenever I figure this out, I'm going to post my solution with my other tech videos.
  8. If I screw it up, what other nissans use this nipple/fitting on the PS pump? lol. I live in Canada, parts here are questionable.
  9. More Specific, I'm looking to find an AN fitting for what's in the circle, and also for that other hose. If anyone makes a kit, cool, but otherwise, I'd like to know how I can get a -10 directly on the pump.
  10. Also, if you want to save money working on future project cars; the Kool Tools hose/vice/kit/thingy is amazing. I made all my turbo lines using these vice-friendly devices. It allows you to easily put in a vice and install your hose into fittings.
  11. It was still a little strange that nobody at Enjuku or BC racing could answer with confidence what part number I needed at the time. So they just sent me a set and it turned out to work fine. LOL
  12. I used to run a giant nissan forum, so here I am updating my thread so it actually helps search engines. I also made a 'tech' video that might help some people that are new to the R34 Chassis. I ordered Stance coilovers from Enjuku Racing. They work just fine!
  13. I'm not bumping this thread to be a jackass, It's just I'm having difficulty finding the exact sizes of the fittings/Thread type for the power steering system in the R34. Specific to the R34GTT. I can make my own hoses, but need to know all of the fittings so I can make a custom power steering system (similar to the circuit sports kit they sell for S chassis) When I search for the thread/fitting information, I get threads like this from way back in the day. I admire forums, but it would be nice if things were run a little better, much like the Subaru forums where they have indexes that pop up in search engines first instead of a bunch of dummies (like myself) asking questions. Can someone point me to the correct information, or state it here for future generations. Once these cars become legal in the US you admin are going to have a lot of repeat questions. Thanks for any help.
  14. I just won some Work Meisters, 3 piece SP1. Plan on seeing if they work with my GTT. Should be interesting, lol. Any idea what tires a guy should run? Work Meisters S1 5x114.3 18x10+22 18x11+22
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