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  1. Adz #24


    I’ve moved over to the ztune kit like in the pics posted but don’t have the rear slip on yet, from what I’ve seen the front bumpers are the same as the coupes but the rears are different
  2. LTB an upper front bracket (62242) for an R34 GTT, Sydney pickup preferred. PM me a price if you have one available would prefer it has the clips also (62050EB)
  3. Adz #24


    Yeah painting at home in a matte black, they are big but gives me the clearance I need and fills out the wheel wells nicely
  4. Adz #24


    In the process of painting a set 20” lenso D1’s (just needs some decent weather to finish them) the 57F pro Volk 18” don’t give me enough clearance to get in my driveway lol.
  5. Adz #24


    Yeah gotta refinish it though clear coats coming up. Couple coats of resin and a respray of clear should get it back in good shape
  6. I’m not that handy unfortunately, might look into getting someone to fix it
  7. Yeah it’d be nice I wanna have a look at another local r34 need to check the setup of an original front bumper brackets, mine were butchered to fit an east bear style GTR bonnet and I’m going back to a GTT setup style bumper from JSAI.
  8. Just bumped into this coupe up a Seven Hills plaza
  9. My one is the top one so it didn’t come out of the factory with a LSD, I’ll have a look into getting one installed
  10. They are not winter tyres buddy, they are all season, surprisingly winter tyres are called ‘winter tyres’ having lived in Calgary, Canada I know what winter tyres are. I didn’t buy them from shop mate so don’t worry about that.
  11. Sounds good I’ll speak to Darron at JustJap maybe he can point me in the right direction for alignment. Or Maybe not lol I’ll just have to live with this for the time being I don’t mind being slightly sideways when I give it a full snoot. (At least it’ll make me behave myself a bit more)
  12. Maybe that’s my next option to look into adjustable rear camber arms and traction rods, anyone in Sydney you’d suggest I could go and see?
  13. Aw well guess $1k in performance tyres isn’t good enough I’ll just have to live with this problem.
  14. Already had a decent set of 245/45/18 wrapped on Rays and was facing this problem plus the added fact that my clearance was horrible and I ruined my front bumper therefore the move to the larger wheel and higher ride height is the more practical option and not something that I want to move back from for my daily driving purposes so if this is the only way I can resolve the issue then I’ll have to live with it. Ride is actually fairly smooth (other than the fact I’m driving on the sh1thouse roads of Sydney) with the adjustable blitz coilovers and also feels better with the larger wheel setup I now have. Ill have a look and try and calculate my spring rate and also look into the setup of my ARB and the quality of the subframe bushes.
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