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  1. Still for sale... $150 + postage... like i said i'm hardly ever on here so call, text or e-mail... Cheers Grae ps: also have custom highly polished turbo inlet pipe. (Between turbo and pod filter)$100 + postage (which won't be much) AND a custom elbow connection that goes between the turbo and the cooler piping. $50 +postage Both of the above items are brand new. I never got around to putting them on the skyline. Once again, call, text or e-mail cause i'm hardly on here.
  2. NEW ITEMS ADDED 2 POSTS DOWN! As the title suggests it's a front/dump pipe for sale. It's 3 inch the whole way. Sold my R31 GTSX and got a bike so no longer need it. Has a minor surface rust but with a sand and respray will look trick, Asking $150. On the Gold Coast. I'm not on here much so if you are interested call or text me on 0422933560 or e-mail on locograe@hotmail.com Cheers
  3. I need a new/reco'd or a seal kit for my GTSX. ANY IDEAS on the GOLD COAST
  4. Anyone know if the Oz delivered parts will will fit??? Or where i can get a seal kit in QLD?????
  5. Mate i'm not sure. I don't think so. i got it off a dude on this forum. I was told it will bolt straight up to my RB20DET.
  6. It was going on my R31 GTSX coupe (also for sale). With the mods i had done i was informed it should make 180kw easy. That on an 18 year old Red Top RB20. Not bad. So on a silver top it should be plenty more Cheers mate Grae
  7. I'll post some tuesday when i get to work. Best offer is $600. Full kit brand new in box. I'm in Mermaid Waters Cheers
  8. Mate the cooler will fit a GTR only if it's a single turbo conversion other wise you'll have to fabricate the pipe between the turbo's and the intake side of the cooler. eg 2 into 1 The core itself will fit no probs. It's a 600x280x76 core Cheers Grae
  9. Item: 600x280x76 Greddy Bar and Plate intercooler. BRAND NEW! with brand new greddy piping, hoses and clamps Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: BRAND NEW Reason for Selling: Selling car Price and Payment Conditions: $600 ono Extra Info: Don't post unless you're interested please Contact Details: Get Grae on 0422933560 or e-mail locograe@hotmail.com
  10. Item: High Flowed T28. Not used since purchase Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Top condition Practically brand new. All bolts and gaskets Reason for Selling: Selling car Price and Payment Conditions: $1000 Extra Info: Don't post unless interested please Contact Details: Get Grae on 0422933560 or e-mail locograe@hotmail.com
  11. Item: R31 GTSX (Coupe)Red Top RB20DET, Hicas, 4 wheel steer, AVCR, SAFC2, FMIC, 3 inch exhaust off turbo, 17" RS5 rims, momo steering wheel, autometer boost guage,quality cannon, pioneer 6x9, 10 stacker,full skyline matts(front and rear) turbosmart type 2 BOV, AAH31 number plates. 152 000k's Location: GOLD COAST Item Condition: Top condition. One small dent in one door. Paint is e good, no rust, no fading! Interior is in great condition but for a few 'JDM' cigarette burns. Dash and door trims are immaculate, carpet is spot on, no rips or tears in the seats. Engine always driven with respect. Oil always changed @ 5000kms. I love this car, it is my baby so it never got thrashed. IT IS NOT A THRASH BOX! Very smooth to drive. Was running 12psi when i purchased the car, since installing the AVCR and SAFC2 i have only run 6 psi. Reason for Selling: Saving for a house and as we all know saving and cars don't mix Price and Payment Conditions: $10 000 ono. Extra Info: If you aren't interested in this car don't post here Contact Details: Contact Grae on 0422 933 560 or locograe@hotmail.com
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