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  1. hoodedreeper

    Refurbed an R33 brace with brake stopper
  2. hoodedreeper

    It was a very nismo christmas this year! Lu spoilt me rotten by buying me a Nismo speedo cluster I also treated myself to some Nismo goodies from Nengun and Yahoo Auctions Spent Boxing Day afternoon fitting it all Which brings me to my next mini update, engine cover stickers! Keeping with the Nismo theme, i purchased an R33 strut brace with brake stopper on eBay. The brace had certainly seen better days so i started to refurb it. And heres the finished item Another little change I made was to swap the bulb in the ignition barrel to an amber one, to help match the red/orange illumination in the cabin
  3. hoodedreeper

    A small update to catch up over the past couple of weeks Took some autumn photos My Tomei Exhaust elbow arrived from Japan via Nengun. The quality and workmanship on this is incredible! I found these on Yahoo Auctions and JDMParts Rupewrecht arranged the purchase and delivery. Originally they had a 2-3 week production time as they're made to order. But these were ready to be shipped within a week! The quality is very good, the pieces are quite thick so not thin and flimsy like some carbon/FRP parts. They've certainly got some weight to them! A friend of mine is currently cutting out the engine cover text aswell as the fuse box diagram to help keep them looking 'OEM'. Plus it breaks up all the carbon
  4. hoodedreeper

    Many Thanks, will give them a look. I've messaged a friend who can cut vinyl, if he's up to the task i'll get him to trace it
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a replacement sticker for the engine bay fuse box on a R34 GTT. Is such a thing available or will it need to be made by a local graphics company?
  6. hoodedreeper

    Im in Norwich,Norfolk so the other end of the country to you, may see you at some shows next year?
  7. hoodedreeper

    Thought i'd quickly draft something up in photoshop ( aint the best quality for a 10min edit) but may get my sticker guy to make me one And to contribute to this, heres my first haul from Japan. Oil,Fuel and Radiator caps along with some floor mats
  8. hoodedreeper

    Welcome! Is that Crail in the bottom photo of the Anglia? Santa Pod is too easy to spot lol Both cars look great
  9. hoodedreeper

    I'm looking for a Nismo steering wheel, some photos for reference Would need it shipping to the UK
  10. hoodedreeper

    I'm looking for an R34 Nismo S-Tune boot spoiler (spoiler blade, legs and bases) Will need it shipped to the UK
  11. hoodedreeper

    No major updates just yet, only more photos
  12. hoodedreeper

    Nothing happens for weeks and all of a sudden everything happens at once lol The new tyres for the Work wheels arrived and i didn't waste any time getting them mounted and fitted to the car. The front ride height is left untouched from the 17s, the rears were raised 20mm (its still veeeery close to the arch lip) I think playing it safe with the offset of 30 was a wise decision, it may not be the 'fitment' that kids nowadays wanna see, but i think its perfect Not long after purchasing the car, i already had a vision of what i'd like the car to look lilke. My very first car/project was a red Nissan Micra K11, one of the things i loved about that was the Nismo livery. That car taught me alot of cars in general especially thinking outside the box when it came to modifying. I knew the livery would work well on the R34 so it had to be done. A big thank you to Unique Signs & Graphics in Norwich for designing it all from scratch and for fitting it. These were also the guys who designed and fitted the HKS livery on my MX5 I also tried out some coloured smoke grenades, I'll be having another go at night at some point
  13. hoodedreeper

    I purchased them from a friend, but they're pretty shit to be honest. Fuel and Temp bulbs have stopped working,aswell as one in the climate control
  14. hoodedreeper

    With the bodywork being in mint condition (except the difference in colour on some panels due to the pearl) my attention would be under the bonnet. I can't afford a full forge build,top mount turbo etc so went for a cheaper route. I've been collecting parts for a couple of months and now I'm at a stage where i can post about it. Stock Turbo Stage 3 Hybrid (spec below) (Rebuilt by Universal Turbos) Genuine Gasket Set Apexi Power FC Z32 MAF R35 GTR 570cc Injectors Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Blitz FMIC NGK BKR7E Plugs Splitfire Coilpacks Competition Clutch Stage 2 (supplied by Conceptua Tuning) Lightened Flywheel Braided Clutch line Re-Profiled Compressor Cover T38 Compressor Wheel 360 Degree Thrust Bearing T3 Billet Backplate Modified T3 Bearing Housing Modified Hi-Temp Turbine End Piston Ring Seal T38 Turbine Wheel Re-Profiled Turbine Housing Ported Wastegate and Larger Poppet Valve 1 Bar Actuator Up-Rated Actuator Bracket My aim is 400hp,would be over the moon if it was more I also have a Tomei turbo elbow on order through Nengun Performance
  15. hoodedreeper

    In August I ordered a new set of wheels, I wanted a set of these for the MX5 but they don't make them wide enough in a 15. So i'm very happy to be able to have a set on the Skyline Choosing a wheel design was difficult enough, let alone deciding which fitment to get. I decided on 18x8.5 ET30 and 18x9.5 ET30, playing it safe due to the arches are original and mint, would be a shame to ruin them because of the offset being lower. I believe Nismo recommend this fitment for the GTT, so that was some reassurance Colour choice was also another challenge, the current bronze wheels look awesome against the pearl white and I had my head set on that. But then i saw the GT Silver was an option and well....you can see from the photos that i made the right decision (or did i?) This is one of the rear wheels to help show the concave, the fronts are alot more straight spoked due to the width I wont be getting tyres for a couple of months, show seaon is over here in the UK and the car won't be driven much when the salt starts to be spread in the coming months.