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  1. (prefix is randomly chosen) R34 GTT RB25DET Engine Cam Covers,Timing Belt Cover and Coilpack Cover Painted in wrinkle red paint $250 shipped (coming from the UK)
  2. Would you recommend the 80* or 92* deg thermostat plate?
  3. I've been reading up on what I need for an oil cooler. I'll be using 10-AN fittings but I'm getting clashing info on the cooler core size that's required. The two kits I'm looking at are the Hel/Setrab and Mocal, both will include a thermostatic plate. Oil Cooler - Nissan - R32 R33 R34 Skyline / S13 S14 S15 Silvia / Pulsar GTIR / 350Z 370Z - Oil Coolers & Kits - Cooling - Engine & Exhaust | JDM Garage UK - Nissan Specialists Hel offer 13,16,19 and 25 row coolers but don't give any recommendations for size for the application https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SKYLINE-GTR-GTS-T-AN-10-JIC-S-STEEL-BRAIDED-HOSE-OIL-COOLER-KIT-ZQMBFK-3-4UNF/401441858211?fits=Car+Make%3ANissan%7CModel%3ASkyline&hash=item5d77cca2a3:g:dKQAAOSweExaCtAD Mocal's listing includes a 10 row. As a rough guide they recommend a 13 row for applications upto 200hp. I'm currently circa 300hp but will be around 400hp by the time I'm finished. I'll be mounting the cooler in the driver side wheel arch infront of the windscreen washer bottle. I'll be fabricating a duct for the Altia bumper to help with slightly better air flow. Would it be the case of measuring up what room I have and order accordingly?
  4. I'm looking for the trim clip that holds the emergency flare in place on an R34. The kick panel looks like this (image taken from an eBay add)
  5. I had the honor of doing a photoshoot with a friend and his Millennium Jade R34 GTR V-SpecII NUR, enjoy! And a cheeky photo with my GTT
  6. Got some good and bad news The bad news is, the engine upgrades that I've been storing will be on hold for awhile longer The good news is, I'm getting married! So I've now got a year to organise that which to be fair most is already sorted. Followed by a honey moon in Japan in 2021! (I think I'm more excited by that to be honest hehe) The front bumper needed to be resprayed under warranty, which was the perfect opportunity to fit the Blitz FMIC Gave the pipe work and chassis areas a coat of paint The reinforcement bar had to be cut/modified to fit around the intercooler, which wasn't alot of work to be fair. I also replaced the blue silicone hoses for black ones along with mikalor clamps The horns had to be relocated, so I swapped them for some new ones Stainless fixings and bolts replaced the original rusty ones The bumper went back on about 90% right. I think the intercooler is still fouling it ever so slightly so that'll need adjusting/trimming again I also removed the window stickers
  7. Its been a busy month or so, I've been waiting to build up enough info/photos to make it worth while posting. The first package to arrive was from Japan. I've been wanting to try it for awhile now so I bit the bullet and ordered some. Its an expensive way to drink coffee but oh so JDM The next one original came from Japan but was shipped from within the UK. Garage Sweet Tooth stock some really cool authentic parts and clothing. I wanted some more accessories to go with the hannya omamori and the tsurikawa handle and this new-old stock coin holder caught my eye. Still waiting to get some coins before I fit it so i'll save that for another update Next was an item I spotted in the Garage Sweet Tooth shop, but they didn't have the type I was looking for. I dropped Josh at Torque GT a message to see if they had any Electronic Toll Card Readers kicking about, luckily they did! A couple of days later it arrived and I didn't waste any time fitting it. I only wanted one because it talks haha. Videos are better than photos so heres a short clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFzzkqWi3UI With my 30th birthday approaching my fiancée asked what I'd like, I suggested a 1/24 scale model kit of an R34 so I could make a replica, but it wasn't as straight forward. Because mine is a 25GT with an Altia front bumper, this meant two kits had to be purchased and blended together. Luckily my friend Tom at Waltonstyle does custom Hot Wheels so he offered to lend a hand to sort it. With the shell now complete it was ready for paint. Working in a motor factors I have access to mixing paint. Tom also makes custom water transfers and was able to make the Nismo graphics Miniature Recaro Sportster CS seats came from Australia, some photos of the interior too Some photos of the shell nearer completion. Tom even made the Pistonheads logo,Nismo badge and number plate for me, some nice attention to detail And here's the finished model, complete with Work Emotion CR Kiwami
  8. I'm looking for a working Japanese ETC reader that speaks on start up, ideally with the power cables. Would need it shipped to the UK
  9. I've been looking for a rear tow hook for awhile but couldn't find one I liked, so I made one Using the original one as a template, I extended it so it would be visible underneath the bumper The original is a 2 skin pressed piece with a bracket on the side. Mine is made from 6mm steel sheet, I understand its not as strong but I don't intend on using it for towing, its purely for aesthetics We've recently had some thunderstorms (doesn't happen all that often) I was lucky enough to grab this photo while out at a car meet Which kinda brings me onto my next update, this weekend just gone at Silverstone Classic. I went along with the GTR Drivers Club, it chucked it down with rain most of the weekend but it was still a great weekend. Nissan UK and Nissan JPN supplied the hospitality along with loaning us a 2020 Nismo Model along with their GT-R50 prototype. Seeing photos of this online I didn't like it, but its not quite as bad in person lol Next stop.....JAE in 2 weeks time
  10. June is Prom month for alot of students, I was thankful to be asked to do a couple (only have photos of the first one). It was great to help out fellow Skyline lovers, hopefully see them on here in a few more years time lol Me and Lu took a drive out for a bite to eat, ended up doing a 100 mile coastal drive around Norfolk, oops! Managed to stop at a couple of places for a snap Every year Myself and a group of friends organise a charity car meet raising money for The Big C Charity and East Anglia Air Ambulance. On the night we raised £1300 and we still have a raffle going for another week or so. Here's a photo from the night
  11. Cant wait to see this together! Loving the new wheels, always had a soft spot for those
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