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    hi guys I'm looking for a trusted and experienced mechanic in Melbourne, Melbourne west if possible, to work on my skyline, give feedback, and basic servicing.
  2. Skyline Ranga

    so been doing some reading and i got confused with some stuff does this BORG WARNER EFR8374 TURBO have a inbuilt wastegate blowoffvalve and mac?
  3. Skyline Ranga

    so maybe this? twin scroll? (if twin .91 or 1.0) Borg Warner S300SX3 (S366) Turbocharger if so can you help me out in picking a correct wastegate. looks like i will need 4" dump and for a Mac just standard?
  4. Skyline Ranga

    larger than 1000cc?
  5. Skyline Ranga


    hi all new to skylines and to well working on cars looking to build my skills
  6. my goal is to break 500whp yet still be a weekend driver What i have greedy FMIC Apexi power intake kit Tein coilovers and dampener kit 52mill radiator Parts list. Q45 Airflow meter $100-150 Plenum , fuel rail, throttle body $1000 (for engine clean up only minimal performance increase) Walbro 400LPH $200 ECU I have a haltech platinum Pro ecu kit, let me know if I should upgrade this to make 500hp (370rwkw) Injectors 1000cc $1000-$1100 Carbon clutch twin plate with flywheel $2500 (for $300-500 more but can handle upto 800 hp, if anyone gets a gtt to 800 please fill out your will) Camsharft poncam type b $700 Cam pullys $350 And the big one GT35R turbo kit $4200 Whiteline sway bars $700 any tips or advice or different products i should buy?