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  1. Not sure, but I assume they would fit considering Z1 motorsports make one-size-fits-all test pipes for the vq37.
  2. I have a vq35hr, and found the stock intakes and stock cats to be the pretty restrictive. Changing these out (along with the cat back) made a noticeable difference for me. The intake manifold you're looking at (which I haven't used) aren't cheap, and I'd imagine they offer most benefit on forced induction applications (I read it's rated for up to 2500hp). Z1 Motorsports offer a modified stock intake manifold for the VQ37 on their website at a fraction of the price - worth a suss imo
  3. On the off chance that sedan bonnet is still available, do you have a photo to upload?
  4. Hmm alright that's good to know, thanks. Will post back here when I've decided what to do.
  5. Hey guys. I'm finally getting around to replacing my headlights on my '07 350gt sedan. I prefer the look of the ones on the '09+ models though, does anyone know if they're interchangeable? I like the look of the bumper on the '09+ too, would consider swapping that as well if it meant being able to fit the headlights. Any input is appreciated
  6. It's a front camera, there's one in the same spot on the other side of the bumper too. I imagine it's handy for inner city driving in Japan, I haven't personally found them very useful lol
  7. Hey guys New to this forum, recently bought a V36 350gt Type SP, and it has what looks to be an antenna/parking pole, in the front bumper on the passenger side. I've spent the last hour or so looking reading through owners manuals, but no luck. Does anybody know how to retract it? Currently it's up whenever the car is on and I'm finding it a bit annoying. Attached are a couple of pics. Any help would be appreciated Cheers!
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