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  1. Not my car, please re-read. What I want my car to look like
  2. Howdy, Wanting to know what workshops in SA/VIC that can build a widebody, not wanting fiberglass after a metal finish similar to the bottom picture. Top picture is my car that I want to widebody. car needs to be resprayed after a little mishap in a hill climb. Thanks
  3. WTB: Front & Rear bar to suit r34gtt coupe. What's for sale?
  4. I have the altia front bar on my car and this is the rear bar, Not sure if it is also branded a altia bar or not. I'm interested in selling the rear bar. Located in SA 0411182446
  5. Is that wing itself a plastic one? If so I am interested in buying it without the legs
  6. Wanting to buy a r34 gtt altia front bar. Same as one in photo, snapped mine a couple weekends ago in a hill climb. Happy to pay postage. also chasing Xenon headlight (drivers side) gtr style rear bumper Send me a message if you have any of these Thanks shaun
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