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  1. Old Man58

    Fixed it myself, found the barrels were seized up, fixed by removing them from the doors and taking them apart, cleaning and silicon lubricant. rebuilt and replaced in the doors once the barrels rotated freely... working like new now. Coincidence all three went at the same time
  2. Old Man58

    Checked the mechanical movements around the door latches as well with the door cards off, all appear to be working correctly if using inside door latch and boot release also ignition works with the key, Is there a lockout in the central locking that could jam on ? that would stop a key from working on all locks?
  3. Old Man58

    Thanks Kiwi I tried that this morning made no difference the additional info is the key wont turn the barrels when connected, I removed the link to one of the barrels and the key turned, put the link back on and problem remains, no key unlock or locking function.
  4. Hi everyone, I am building a track car with my son R33 and we have a problem with the door and boot locks, The key will not turn in any of the door locks or the boot (did the day before) the doors and boot open from the inside and the internal central lock works both lock and unlock. I have had a new key cut in case of a wear issue but that made no difference. I have checked all linkages and all appear to be in place. So in a nutshell locks mechanically appear to work and all ok when operated from inside the car ignition works (same key). Key will not open any lock from outside. Any ideas for me to check?