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  1. DropTheClutch

    To deck the block? Do u think it will seal with a stock gasket
  2. DropTheClutch

    I only used water in the radiator just to get the engine running. Im pretty sure this is not just residue water that could of got into the oil passages. What do u guys reckon i should do from here. Im thinking of taking the head off again and using a stock gasket with copper spray and hopefully it will seal with the current roughness of the block. Don't really want to take the engine out of car to get the block skimmed.. Cheers for the replys
  3. So this rb25det s15 project has been a headache to say the least! Long story short the engine sustained some damage due to the cambelt snapping causing 2 valves to snap in the 3rd cyclinder (Luckily no damage to the piston or bore) right ill just buy another second hand head, skim it and slap it on i thought... I brought a 1.3mm cometic MLS gasket, ARP headstuds for the installation. Cleaned the remaining gasket off the block and used a paint scraper along with a scotch brite pad to remove the old gasket but did not check the block for flatness 🤔🙄 After getting everything torqued up properly in the sequence 20,40,60,80 ft/lbs and bolting the manifolds back on etc. After running the engine for around 5mins i noticed alot of steam coming out from the rocker cover breathers and yeppp a gravy like substance underneath the oil cap.. So im assuming the gasket didn't seal properly between a water and oil gallary. Can someone confirm? This is freakin depressing 🙁