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  1. Hey all, Just wondering has anyone mounted a gauge where the clock normally is? I am looking to install a Boost Gauge but want to make it discreet as possible. Post some of your setups! 😁
  2. WTB Lenso D1R 17s. With or without tread. Closer to Coffs Harbour the better. Cheers.
  3. https://www.ozzytyres.com.au/wheel-and-tyre-packages/hussla-jdm-18x8-5-5x114-matte-bronze-wheel-tyre-package Confirmed copies :D . But just wanted to know if anyone has purchased them before? It's the look I am after and they are cheap.
  4. Hey all, Anyone running Hussla wheels? In particular Hussla Gt? I want to see them on a Skyline. What do you all think about these wheels? They look OK but are they considered "cheap" wheels? Thanks,
  5. Hey all, New to the car scene (be nice) and I'm interested in buying some wheels for my R33 S2. I'm looking at the following. The seller says it's 5 multi stud and came off his 180 sx. Aren't they 4 stud? Will this fit my Skyline? I'll copy and paste description below. Selling a set of 18x9 unknown offset Hussla GT’s they’re a multi 5 stud, came off of a Nissan 180sx and fit perfectly front tyres need replacing and there is a tiny bit of rash on one of the front wheels, the rear tyres have almost new tread, selling due to coming off project car they’re not needed price is negotiable
  6. Hey all, After some good condition R33 stock wheels with good tread. Closer to Coffs Harbour NSW the better. Thanks,
  7. Hi all, Anyone purchased a cold air intake kit for R33 GTST? Mine is completely stock and I am wanting a pod but want it covered etc.
  8. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a cold air intake kit. Not comfortable doing it myself so I want a kit. If you know some websites I can purchase it off please let me know. TIA
  9. Thanks lads! Any pics of what it looks like in your car? TIA
  10. Hey all, Sorry if there is a thread all ready for this. My R33 seats are fairly worn and have got stains from previous owner. I'm not in the position to purchase new seats but keen on covers. Are there any "Skyline" covers? Show me some pics! Not interested in fully sik skull/tribal/flame autobarn specials 😂
  11. Thanks mate! Got a quote from a few local shops and they are asking between 5-7k. That's glass removal and rust repair. I think it's reasonable. I will post a few pictures of before and after.
  12. Hi all, So the mechanical problem is all sorted! Air flow sensor was at fault. So happy it is all sorted. Respray is next Cheers
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