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  1. Awesome stuff, I will try to find that link for ya as I didn't save it. As far as theft attempts go that's a real shame, when I bought mine I found a stretched out coat hanger in the drivers side door..
  2. Yeah I reckon its the right thing to do, what I am debating is to I go for as many factory options as possible or do I go completely base model GTT. I recently bought a R34 coupe dealer brochure which has some amazing pictures in it plus a large catalogue of options that were available. Trel, ill check out your thread I would love to know where you got those stickers? also I had a link to a place that sells Japanese service stickers (go in the engine bay and annotate the date of the last service etc) we can probably help each other out if we have similar goals.
  3. Where do I begin! Its been ages since I updated this but I figured I would come back and post an update for anyone who is interested. What have i been doing the last 2 years? well its been a wild ride! So lets get to it. For the majority of the time I have just been enjoying the car, driving it around, maintaining it and the car has been a dream. No mechanical issues, no problems with ownership at all. The skyline has really been a dream come true. All kinds of people approach me about it wanting to know what it is or "hey is that a GTR?" and everything in between, the best event has to of been when i got a free lunch for revving the engine in a bakery drive through! a few thousand more times and the car will of paid for itself! But what I have really been up to concerns the cars future and what it is that I want it to be. So what I have been up to mostly has been collecting all the parts for a GTR conversion, and by all I mean everything. I didn't want to do a east bear kit or anything of the like so I opted for as much genuine and high quality after market that I could afford, buying things as they popped up, sourcing parts from Japan, American the UK, Malaysia and of course Australia too. It was a complete conversion, front to rear and it was close to time to have the car put in for work. But as I got closer to the deadline I started to actually dread it, the car being cut up and some of the more expensive parts (the rear fenders especially) being fibreglass copies just didn't sit well with me despite being very well made. Had I been chasing the wrong approach? as cool as this would be should I be cutting up my perfectly good car to make it into something its not? after some soul searching I knew what I had to do. I put the entire kit up for sale on gumtree. The results were staggering! page after page of messages came in, the ad after only a few days had amassed thousands of views, I was taken aback by how polite everyone was how all these people wanted to send me pics of their cars and chat about them even when I said no to separating the kit or low offers, everyone in the community really were something else they clearly loved their cars. That week the kit sold, to an awesome guy who has an R34 shell (not wrecking a perfectly good GT) he came with cash and a truck and took the lot. So what have I decided to do with the car? well I figured it out, I am going in the complete opposite direction. Full factory restoration. I want the car to be as it was when it rolled off the floor. The satisfaction I got saving the car when I first got it is what I am after and its already begun I am sleeping a lot better now. Stay tuned for more, Peace.
  4. Looks great man! its so satisfying saving a car like that.
  5. Dude, keen to watch this build, nice find on the 32. I feel you on the cost of GTR's these days.
  6. Long Story Short. I have for straight swap an R34 GTT HKS Exhaust, its in awesome condition, I am after the stock exhaust as I got defected and have to have the car checked over on Monday, fair warning if you get a pr*ck of a cop like I did they may get you for it, its a fantastic sounding exhaust and this trade is a wrought in my case but a win for whoever can get to me first. Ill even do the swap right there and then for free. Your exhaust has to be standard for the R34 GTT Coupe, and it has to be in decent condition, I wont take something full of holes or damaged etc, I am located in Thornton NSW and will need this done this weekend (long shot I know) Possibly during the week if someone is really serious and I can organise it. My loss is your gain. Cheers
  7. Cheers, man. Yeah I have looked around and there is some places that sell it but the price is pretty high and I would have to get it piece by piece (bonnet here, bumper there etc.)
  8. Just had a look through this thread, amazing stuff! I was wondering is that JDl Kit still available somewhere around here? I would love to get my hands on it.
  9. Cheers man! I assume these will allow for the GTR sideskirts and rear bumper to line up? or am I mistaken?
  10. Hey mate, fantastic thread the car is unreal. I have a question though, what sort of over fenders on the rear are those? sorry if this is in the thread cause I didnt find it.
  11. Looks great man! keen to see the results. One question where did you get the dash LED kit? was it a kit or did you get them separately yourself? keen to know as it looks fantastic.
  12. So another update! this weekend I did the brakes, I feel this really helps overall when it comes to getting a car clean looking. First surveying the damage, old and unkempt. Not for long. Looks as though the previous owner had started do this but had abandoned after the rears. Masked up everything including the calipers, this was to target the rotors only first. Then after that, unwrap the calipers and cover the rotors, you will need to rotate the rotor first to get the area under the caliper if you arent removing them to do this job, in this case I wasn't removing them. After everything is unwrapped, notice how there is some overspray on the rotor brake surface, you want to cover up this surface as best as possible but dont go too close to the edge where the dust and rust is because if you want a perfect circular job you are gonna want to leave a edge of excess around the rotor and the brake pads to wear off the excess, this is achieved buy simply driving the car around the block. Also take a little sand paper to the Nissan lettering to make it stand out. Obligatory results pic, im very happy with how this turned out. Stay tuned.
  13. Hey man I have to ask, where did you get that steering wheel re-trim? im hoping to pick up something similar for my GTT (which has the same steering wheel.)
  14. Hey man yeah it really has, including buying the angle grinder it cost me under $500. The only time you could get a leather interior was in a specific version of the 34 GTR I think, it would of been nice if there had been at least an option for it. As far as the bench goes yes I do have plans, for the time being I might just chuck a black seat cover over it but I am considering buying a spare from the wreckers and trying my hand at re-trimming it myself. This is going to be a long running thread so any DIY stuff I do ill write about. I have some leather coming for the door cards from ebay as we speak
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