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  1. I've had a look today and there is a wire going to my rearview mirror but all the service manuals I found say the keyless receiver is in under the glovebox, I've pulled the glovebox out and unscrewed the panel the manual says its under but the drawing isn't the best and I'm struggling to find reference points. Does any have any advice or photos on what to look for?
  2. Thanks for the tips guys, thats interesting i always figured that was something to do with the hands-free calling microphone. I will have to check it tomorrow when ive got daylight.
  3. Hi guys I have a V36 and I'm having issues with my intelligent key system, problem started about a year ago as low key fob battery warning on the dash even with a new battery in the remote, then a few weeks ago the remote started not being detected intermittently and quickly deteriorated to not being detected at all, I have to use the key to open the door and then place the key fob in the slot in the dash to start the car. I have two remotes and the faults aren't specific to one, I'm guessing the wireless receiver in the car has failed, has anyone else had this? Thanks
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