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  1. I think I had 18x9 + 35 on my R34 at one point and without a spacer it did not clear my front calipers.
  2. Just a quick update; I had the arms modified and have gotten -4deg upfront. If you're in NSW and want the same modification contact Road and Race Performance and speak to Peter 👍
  3. Sorry mate, what I mean in my head by overstretched is that it overhangs on an 8.5" rim
  4. Skyline model = R34 GTT Wheel diameter = 18' Wheel width = 8.5 Wheel offset = 30 F and R Tyre size = 265/35/18 (Overstretched by 1 size) Modifications to fit = You will require some camber on the rear and front (nothing crazy) but will not scrub as tested at SMSP. I have since lowered the car by 20mm and only experience MINOR scrubbing on the un-rolled front guards. Fronts: un-rolled Rears: un-rolled
  5. I might look at modifying the Cusco arm as hardsteppa has indicated he was able to achieve 3+ neg camber up front. I appreciate all the information guys, it has been very helpful!
  6. Hi all, I currently have the Cusco FUCA installed on my ER34 but am finding myself needing more negative camber (arms are maxed out). Due to the ER34 not supporting camber tops I am unsure of what else to do. Would extending the LCA be my only option or do other arms exist with more than -10mm adjustment? I appreciate any information 👍
  7. A 9.5 inch rim will fit a 275 flush and 285 stretched, however I run 18x8.5+30 with 265/35/18 on factory unrolled rear and front guards without scrub. I guarantee you'll have issues if you lower it or go over potholes.
  8. Hey Dylan, The Green/White from the ECU remains cut/taped off. The Green/White from the Fuel Pump is to be connected to the 8GA Black Negative Cable and the remaining pin (86) is also to be connected to the 8GA Black Negative Cable. I used a piggy back connector on the Fuel Pump Negative Green/White to the 8GA Black Negative Cable so I could connect the remaining pin (86) to the piggy back connector (Green/White Fuel Pump to 8GA Black Negative Cable) to be grounded. I recommend using the negative battery terminal. I hope this further explanation makes sense. I can provide a photo of my wiring if you are still unsure. Piggyback Spade: https://www.jaycar.com.au/piggy-back-female-spade-red-pkt-8-self-sealing-quick-connectors/p/PT4810
  9. Hi all, I am looking to purchase a Nismo Triple Gauge Cluster as seen in the attached photo. I already have the speedo but am having a hard time finding the triple gauge. If you have one and are willing to sell it, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you so much!
  10. I know it was very popular in brake pads, gaskets and bonnet insulation.
  11. Yo! I have started to pull apart the interior of the vehicle to rectify some previous owner wiring - curious if anyone knows whether the insulation used in the parcel shelf, firewall etc contains asbestos? Better be safe than sorry I guess ?
  12. @vxsr33 Yeah noticeable with the change in exhaust - I mean I guess over time I have just gotten sick of smelling it on idle/startup/traffic lights etc
  13. @V28VX37 Always running 98RON mate, I haven't reached the E85 post yet hahaha!
  14. Thank you both for your responses! @KiwiRS4T I have not checked any of what you have said - I will make a note and see if I come up with anything. I am not running any aftermarket BOV. @tridentt150v I have a Nistune ECU which was installed and mapped by a performance workshop already. I know the coolant and oil smell so I can write that off. No smoke and the back of the car is clean. My old STI ran rich but the smell is different to what I am getting now - I'm starting to think I may have a leak somewhere - the exhaust is new and was installed by a workshop.
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