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  1. Oh, never seen 80s Recaro seats in a R32 before, they look oddly great in the car.
  2. So there will be no gains from Tomei cams unless I compensate with other upgrades as well? Easier just to get a replacement OEM exhaust camshaft and set the timing as it should.
  3. Hello, After the timing belt was changed on the car, I ran into a problem. On test drive everything was okay, car boosted and revved like it should. Then after around 10km the car started to stutter around 0,5bar boost and wasn't going properly. The car was parked overnight and next day after around 30km the car lost it's power and wasn't accelerating as it should. The exhaust also went much louder and after all I parked the car, checked that the exhaust manifold was slightly red which means the mixture should be very lean. I took the CAS off and it seems that the half moon on the exhaust cam has broken. So I'm guess the timing got messed up and that's why the car runs badly. I haven't checked the crankshaft timing marks, but on the camshafts they lined up so I'm pretty sure there shouldn't be a problem there. Because if the car ran well on the test drive and got gradually worse, it's the fault of the CAS I assume. Now as the car is garaged for the winter I'm wondering if Tomei poncams and a new CAS upgrade will be good or stick with OEM? The engine itself is stock apart from a new intercooler. Is it worth getting Tomei Poncams with the 8.5mm lift which should be a drop in for the stock engine, valvetrain and valve springs.
  4. I'm after a R32 steering wheel, the car is 07/1993 GTS-T Type M. The steering wheel can be in dreadful condition, but a horn button is a must. I am located in Estonia, paying via Paypal and for the shipping.
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