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  1. Hey all, I have a 350gt coupe the brakes are starting to feel like they want some new discs. And it got me thinking... Do the v36 or 370gt brakes fit my 350gt ?? If so what is involved ? It would be nice if they do and could maybe find a set somewhere going for cheap off a wrecked car or something, I hate how small the brakes are on the cars !! Also would the brake upgrade be any bigger/better thanks. Cheers.
  2. Haha settle down there boys 🙈 just got full exhaust system done turbo back !! Can't wait to have a decent sounding RB instead of loud asf straight pipe
  3. my straight pipe r33 failed a WOF for too noisy exhaust. Can I put on of those silencer things on the end to pass the wof or would they want a whole muffler ?
  4. Sounds...yeah too hard for me lol thanks for the advice !! You've replied to a few of my questions on here now cheers for that chap
  5. Thanks for the information! What do you mean by set up?
  6. Hi again. My diff is, in technical terms, buggered. I was wondering if I could make a Frankenstein diff out of a diff like one of the silvia or 300zx diffs (not sure which one) as I would like a bit more taller ratios as I drive on Wellington highway everyday. Is this a possibility ? Or do I have to just buy a R33 diff ? They are 350 on trade me at the moment. Any other options I haven't thought about? Any advice is good. Thanks in advance RB gurus lol
  7. Thanks for your answer bro can I used the speed sensor from the rb25det or do I have to modify the rb20 one ? also can I just use the front half of the NA drive shaft or do I have to cut the existing one and connect the two ? Sorry new to drivetrain stuff ! Shop said 2k for rebuild on big box WTF!!!
  8. Hi all I have a r33 coupe rb25det, it has a big turbo box in it but it crunches and whines now. I have a spare rb20det gearbox and would like to put it in. And yes I KNOW it not the best option and all that but I just want to put it in to tie me over while I get my good one rebuilt what is required for the swap? Is it straight swap? Seen a lot of r33s with small boxes in them but can’t find any solid info on how to do it. cheers guys !
  9. Hi everyone I've seen/ heard a few things about the Nissan Navara Gearbox being the same or similar to the RB25DET and rb30et gearbox. Is this true and is it worth the effort trying to bolt one up ?!?! Sounds like a cool trick haha found a 2wd 6spd manual for 1k on trademe... Anyone know any solid info about this ? Cheers
  10. I figured out why my car was "misfiring"... my r33 gtst was playing up when any throttle or boost was applied, misfiring". So I hooked up my laptop to my link g4 ECU and ran a data log and found out on that log I had been boosting over 26psi !!!! it was tuned on 15psi and made 320hp to the wheels and one day started doing this weird fuel cut or ignition cut thing. SURELY this has something to do with it, but I cant find any fault codes or anything been thrown up when im hooked up to the ECU. The only thing is a couple time a RPM limit popped up but i was no where near the 7500 redline. ???? I have no clue with this tuning stuff so any ideas ?? I also blocked off my boost controller to the wastegate and still did the same thing as before but didnt run a data log to see what was up. I will attach the data log to this. (9:51 mins is where I boost spike the most) Thanks for all your help. Log 2019-06-1 2;08;29 pm.llg
  11. Hi I have a R33 gtst s2. My check engine light blinks 4 long blinks followed by 6 fast ones. I looked online for a code that would be 46 but couldn't find anything. The closest is 45 and is injector leak and 47 which is CAS or something... It also misfires SO BAD that you can't even use quarter throttle. These blinks are on start up, while running it stays on. Any ideas what this could be ?? The car also has a link g4, 440cc Injectors and big turbo with 240kw tune. Any help will be much appreciated thanks !!
  12. Cheers for the help everyone... Now it won't even IDLE properly?!?! Does anybody have a clue what going on.
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