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  1. Do you have a clearer copy of this by any chance? I'm trying to get it translated and the translator said they cant quite read the page showing vehicle weight and such. Thanks.
  2. Hey I'm trying to look into some okay enough cheap coilovers to go on the Stagea any recommendations? Or would you advise getting proper ones? I'm an Apprentice so funds aren't easy to come by just wanna get the Stagea lowered and on the wheels I've bought. Also any info on manual conversions for the Stagea would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hey does anyone have an eEnglish version of the manual stating the given stuff? I've applied for the exemption but they are saying I need to get it translated. So thought I'd just ask on here first, just in case anybody has one. Thanks.
  4. Sweet thanks! I'll give it a shot. I have the 4WD version. Yea I've been trying to find a download copy of the manual but haven't found one yet.
  5. Hey so I can also use info from a owners manual. I dont have one. Does anyone have a stagea series 1 manual? Any info in it of the wight and engine power output? Thanks.
  6. Yea that's basically what I think I'll have to do. I've been driving it since I got it. I just make sure I drive like a granny it's auto trans so that's easy. Gonna manual convert once I can.
  7. So, I've recently purchased a C34 Stagea with the legendary RB25DET engine. It was brought to my attention that I cant drive a turbocharged car on my green P's. I was un-aware of this because im from NZ and there were no restrictions on engine size there so it never crossed my mind. I'm also on green p's only because I am under 20 I transfered my New Zealand full licence and have my green P's until I'm twenty in January. So anyway I came to discover that I can get an exemption since it's power to weight ratio is under the limit. I went onto the raws website and screenshotted and printed off the details of the car, weight and engine power output. took it into the department of transport and they said they couldn't use it and that I need a letter from nissan stating the weight and power output. I emailed nissan Australia and Nissan Japan and they both said they couldn't help thats when i found the raws website but apparently that's un-usable, completely wasted my time waiting at the department of transport for nothing which is always fun... If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! Dont wanna go selling it straight after buying it. Thanks!
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