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  1. Actually just found this. Thinking I'll get the N1 pump and recommended block/restrictors. Will this be enough for road use or should I do one of the many other recommded mods? Thanks
  2. Currently deployed and am making a "budget" shopping list for a 270rwkw build on my ecr33 4dr when I return home. Have been digging through this forum and others (using the search tab of course). I have the bare essentials, but i want to make this build as reliable as possible without breaking the bank. My question is, for strictly street use and an occasional heavy foot, what is absolutely necessary to do to the rb25det for the oil issues it has? I was thinking just putting in smaller restrictors, maybe drilling out the current drains a little bigger, and a newer oil pump to replace the less reliable unit that comes stock. Are these mods good enough for street use? Should I do more or something else? Also, whats a good oil pump for my needs? I don't want anything crazy, just more durable. I've seen a lot of threads about this, but they really only pertain to drag/track/etc. Thanks in advance
  3. If I go boost t how do I not be a retard? I hear they can cause boost spike and creap. How do I avoid the downsides?
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. I’ll look for a 2nd hand power fc and go with a boost t. How do I avoid the boost spike and boost creep that I may get with the boost t?
  5. I’m definitely getting it tuned no matter what I do and I don’t want to push the turbo beyond 12 psi
  6. I’m gonna have to get use to reading and typing Kw instead of hp soon haha
  7. You don’t run an aftermarket ecu with that setup? I’m looking to make about 20 more hp at the wheels than that
  8. I’m in no rush to start this build I just want it planned out. Okinawa is still about 1000 miles away from mainland
  9. Okay okay. You and others seem pretty adamant about me getting a power fc second hand so I’ll start looking and I guess grab a boost tee. I am only looking to push my boost to about 10 psi, maybe 12 max. I don’t need my car to be insane and want to not push the stock turbo. With that amount of boost is a z32 necessary or can I run stock afm at 10 psi? My goal is r33 gtr power in a gtst so like ~280whp
  10. I live on a small island called Okinawa in Japan so Nistune isn’t an option for me. I’ll definitely starting looking more into 2nd hand stuff such as the z32 and power fc
  11. I’d have to spend more money to not be that retard haha. I could just get a new waste gate actuator and super afc and make as much power as a power fc with a boost tee but for less $. I debated this same thing for awhile with myself, but after all I’ve read and heard I’ve made up my mind
  12. Thanks for the advice but a second hand power fc will still be too much for the benefits and I hear of problems with boost tees, i won’t deny they give great power for the money tho. I will definitely look at Walbro pumps and a z32 afm. With a new fuel pump is there anything else I should get to support the extra fuel flow?
  13. Besides the exhaust, here are all the parts I intend to buy to complete my stage 1 r33 build. The car is currently stock. Is there anything else I should buy or replace for something else on this list? This is a budget build but I also don’t want to cut any corners so any tips would help. I am sure I am missing some parts, especially with the bigger fuel pump. Thank you
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