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  1. Awesome cheers thanks, No I didnt say there was anything wrong, they look tough. I just like bog stock. The only mod I have is a full wired Motec System. Great Car too, Until I own a Lexus RCF
  2. Thanks mate, just ordered. I prefer the stock look, back in the day before the 370 I owned a TRD Aurion (basically a supercharged South East Asian 3.5L Camry) I had top of the line T3 DBAs they where prone to surface rust consistency, which made me question the quality of the rotors as the stocks rotors where resistant to the surface rust.
  3. Thanks guys, I have been to the DBA site via my Fedora workstation and works Windows and none of the results you generated came up. Thanks heaps, I'll measure up and order Asap.
  4. Hi Team, I have owned an Athens blue 2009 370GT SP for roughly 5 years now in Adelaide. A long story short my rear Akebono pads where down to bare metal. After replacing the Project MU pads (5-minute job) I believe the Rotor needs replacing, as there is a slight tapping sound coming from the rear left. (stupid mistake) I am having allot of difficulty locating the REAR [PART NUMBER] from DBA, RDA, 370Z (Z34) anywhere outside of the US. I don't need slotted or racing rotors just direct replacement aftermarket, that are almost identical to the OEM Would someone please point me in the right direction and hopefully I can Afterpay them ASAP.
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