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  1. The bracket they said would fit is completely wrong so need to source elsewhere.
  2. Pretty self explanatory, ordered one from CARID and wrong one, looking for the drivers side. Any Help much appreciated.
  3. Pesaturbo

    Cheers, saw this but wasn’t sure if it would work.
  4. HI Mate, Heard you may be able to help out with some info on the V36?

  5. Pesaturbo

    Only cosmetic, I have a guard and light. The bumper is proving a bit more difficult. 3.7k.
  6. Pesaturbo

    Thanks for your help.
  7. Pesaturbo

    Ok This Topic seems really convoluted.... I have a V36 I would like to change from Jap to English, is this Possible?
  8. Pesaturbo

    HI There, i just purchased a slightly damaged 370Gt as bit of a project. First foray into anything like this but i guess i got bored. i'm after some wheels for now so if anyone has any feel free to let me know. Based in SA. Thanks.