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  1. i'm just a noob who's slowly learning about the carlife Alright thx. I'll be waiting for tomorrow so i can borrow my uncle's toolbox to see if i can take the turbo out myself, and see what i can do ^.^
  2. Hey guys I have a coolant leak and i think it's coming behind the turbo shell but i am not sure what the cause of it is. Think i have to take the turbo out to check the gasket or something but i got to wait for my mechanic friend till friday to help me with it. Anyone have any idea's and tips to diagnose this? "Video 1" You will see the water leaking from somewhere behind the turbo shell i think. It was this morning. End up not taking my car to work because i don't think i'd be a great idea driving it now while water is leaking like this "Video 2" was when it happend, i recorded late but you can hear the "tsssssssss" from the water coming out, but after 30minutes it stopped and i filled the radiator with more water to go put the car home. Ignore the language tho, uploaded the video just so u can hear the sound nextday.mp4 night.mp4
  3. Oh my..... did someone say rb25det s2? What are the chances of international shipping?
  4. well... rip coil nr3 removed all coils 1 by 1 and when removing coil 3 nothing happend lol
  5. i have to check indeed because supose this rb25 was switched when they were building the car some years ago so i got to check. took this before i went to drive around so this issue can come up. I'll be googling around tomorrow at work and see what i can find lol
  6. Mine is kinda easy to change tbh. I already got the cap removed so its open atm lol. Since i do not live in the u.s. or australia, we all have to order stuffs from ebay here and wait a week after delivery in miami to get our product in our hand. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SplitFire-Coil-Pack-Set-to-suit-Nissan-Skyline-R34-25GT-t-RB25DET-Neo-6/221270930401 this is still sitting in my card If anyone has any suggestions on which pack i can order let me know!
  7. drove with my friend tonight to see if it happens And it happens idk if this is clear enough..it's like 1 of the coils just decide to stop working or something idk
  8. ye...they are not the same trust me. but then again it did not fully change. I'm sure if i drove a little more it would of fully kicked in and it will sound so disgusting and the throttle lags and feels week. Sadly it was late night so i didnt want to rev the car and see if the sound also kicked in. I'd wake up the neighbors if i do lol EDIT: Now that i remember. by this time if i turn on the ac it would idle to 400 then 900 and keep going up and down, or prob kill the engine. The AC thing only happens once the car enter this wrx sounding shit
  9. So i drove my gf home tonight and came back home. When i parked the car in the yard i heard the sound 90% changed but i couldnt rev it. People are asleep lol. I recorded this yesterday and this is how it's supose to sound. Like always
  10. This is how my car sounds normally (The noise in front of the car is 1 of the fans btw) This is how it's supose to sound after 30minutes of driving(exactly like this wrx) and i feel a little loss of power
  11. I drove the car for over 30minutes yersterday...try to get the sound to show up. Even burned some rubbers but nothing. But yes....after 30minutes it sounds like a wrx and it lacks a bit of power.... I'll be checking the coils wednesday with a mechanic to see what we can find I should also remove the cap where the coils are too..maybe its preventing heat from coming out
  12. after 30minutes of driving the car, then the sound just changes on me. when i turn off the car and look around i hear nothing and i don't smell anything either :s I did feel my acceleration be a little bit laggy tho
  13. sadly i am far...far....faaar away from australia. :(
  14. well i never found out where the noise is actually coming from because it only happend twice(and i only drove more than 30minutes twice so far) and i immediately turn of the car, i am a bit scared i may f*ck something up lol. What i did do after i turned off the car was stick my head under it to see if i can hear any sound from the radiator or motor, but nothing till where i know. I'll see tomorrow(friday) when i leave work i can drive extra so i can get that harley davidson sound to appear again, then maybe i can record around the car and get the audio
  15. well...can i call it a harley davidson noise? because thats what my car sounds like after 30minutes
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