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  1. Hi All, Had a weird problem the other day, drove the car to a mates all fine no issues. Parked up for an hour or so and went to select reverse and nothing! Wouldn’t even go in, tried all gears and couldn’t get anything. Turned the car off and could select everything no issues?? Have replaced gearbox oil with correct oil so that’s ok, clutch fluid looks ok not old but still probably should do that first. Could it be a slave issue? Air in lines? Pedal feels a bit doughy but comes good once the car is warm. When I drive down the road it’s all ok, just when parked and try to select for the first time after startup
  2. Yep, from top hose of the two that are bolted to the manifold.
  3. Also changed setting to NO for boost control on apexi and no difference
  4. This is what the fpr is doing. Could this be the issue? Also what is the regulator that’s connected to the return line of the fuel under the brake booster? I don’t have one fitted. Sorry about lines being a mess 55645490471__4CAFD442-24E3-4435-A11A-D1D9F34F6703.MOV
  5. So go to function select then boost control kit and select from yes to no?
  6. Also reset the apexi, went to etc then initialize and confirmed a reset. If the boost solenoid isn’t connected will this affect the starting of the car?
  7. First is current one on car which was from the running motor (previous) Second pic is from the current motor I’ve fitted but I removed it because it was a bit tight the bearing and when you spin it by hand it’s a little notchy.
  8. I haven’t reset that, is that as simple as a battery disconnect? The motor has the same bolt ons as the previous one fitted so assuming all should be ok
  9. Also is this plug necessary for the car to start? Not sure what it’s for
  10. Hi All, recently fitted a new engine into a shell. I purchased the shell and have never heard a motor run in it so not sure if a wiring issue or what, could be a big fan of worms! ?The motor cranks but won’t start. Not running on any cyl. I have checked for fuel and lines are correct (see pic) Also what should the tomei fpr be set to? Has standard injectors fitted. Is there a way I can bypass the ecu or link to ground the injectors? Also should the apexi ecu have a bracket to be grounded or does it ground through one of the pin outs? Have turned the ignition on and removed CAS and spun by hand. Can hear the injectors clicking and have spark from all coils. Also it has an apexi power fc fitted so is there a way of testing that this is working? Also so have the afm connected and was reading about 400mV or there abouts. Not sure if it’s an immobiliser related issue either, pulling my hair out just trying to get this motor to start! Any help is much appreciated!
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