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  1. Prank thanks for that but I have since found out these motors fail in the bottom end, can’t handle the punishment. Unfortunately I am forced to rebuild what I have now. 👍
  2. Hi, wow i have done a heap of reading and hardly broke the surface, how ever as usual it is hard to find the exact question i require. So here is where im at, i have an off road buggy currently running an old 4AGZE, i blew 1 motor a couple of weeks ago, put the spare in and it dont wont to work properly, i will work on it. How ever at the end of the year i am looking for a suitable power plant for my needs and race rules. Rules state max capasity of 2500cc n/a or a 4 cylinder 1600cc force inducted engine to stay in class i am in now, so i looking at a vq25dd/de the numbers look good ie great hp for the cc. Now a few questions, 1. do the figures stack up, around the 200hp, i presume this is FWHP which is fine. 2. Do the engine ecu's talk to the auto tranny's? have heard this can cause troubles running the standard ECU outside of the car, on some cars. i will try to get a manual motor and ecu any way. 3. Are these motors fairly tough? like there is a lot of load on motors when we get a bit serious, i know the vq35 hold up alright in the high classes, so i would think so the 25 be the same. Any way thanks for any imput, i will keep hanging around reading, especially if i do go down this road . Mark
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