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  1. Has anyone got any Tomei throttle coat that I could use for 5 mins to reseal my itbs? Closer to central coast nsw the better. Need ASAP or is there an alternative to use that will do the same job
  2. I’m not too sure but I have a complete lock barrel and key set out of my r32 gtr
  3. Want to buy, pull type twin plate clutch kit for r32-r33 GTR. Trying my luck before I buy a new one. Tia
  4. Cheers. They’re work emotion xd9 in gunmetal grey. 18x10+18
  5. Same thing has started on mine just recently. Have been topping up fluid and cleaning and drips off regularly. It doesn’t seem to leak quickly at all but I’m replacing it with a new one once I get funds. I read they can be rebuilt too but haven’t found much to back this up
  6. Thanks man. I try to keep it clean. Crazy what good car polishes can do sometimes ☺️
  7. I’d start at your blow off valve man. If your running a vented bov with air flow meters it will play with air/fuel ratios on decel. System should be plumbed back if you have afms. Also try iacv as suggested
  8. Hey everyone my names Adam. Long time forum lurker, first time member ? I’m 27 years old and I’ve owned this stunning spark silver r32 GTR for going on 5 years now. I’m from the central coast of nsw. I love driving my R whenever I can. It was my dream car growing up and am honored to own one and piece of Japanese and Aussie racing heritage. I plan on keeping this car for as long as I physically can and have big plans for it in the future. Slowly upgrading it one thing at a time and replacing what breaks as I go. Can’t wait to go big single and skate around on all fours but for the time being I’m going to enjoy it and drive it, not hide it ? looking forward to meeting some new people and sharing the love for the original GODZILLA, tia
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