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  1. hey mick , ill grab the bomex skirts off you , if still available. shipping to sydney please quote aswell. Thanks Pete
  2. HEY ALL, I'm new to the scene, finally a PROUD SKYLINE OWNER ! I hope i'm writing this in the right topic as i'm not much of a forum guy and my English is not the best either. Now i have been wanting to buy a skyline for the last 15 years at least ( i'm 33 now) i'm from Germany originally and it was an utter fortune to get one over there. As i made Australia my home now my dream finally came true. So i recently purchased a bargain manual R34 GT-T , rb 25detneo with 106000-km and its pretty much factory stock. - Now i'm getting a a high but steady oil reading at 135c after a few minutes driving (normaly :-D) - also the water reading is at 120c (steady) The engine seams to run super smooth the needle doesn't move in idle, there are no noises from the engine what so ever. the oil gauge on the main dash sits less then halfway . I got a service done after purchase at a trusted mechanic (even though he said he doesn't really know (those cars) 😄 the only issue he mentioned was a small oil leak from the O-ring at the Oil-Cooler and also a small oil leak from the engine rocker cover gasket. Now after a lot of research i was hoping to get some input from you guys on what to do. i have order a new engine rocker cover gasket still trying to find the O-Ring, to get that sorted, but i'm not shure if that will fix the high readings , should i just go and buy a quality OIL cooler (not the cheap shit) and maybe a good water-pump?! Also can anyone recommend a mechanic with skyline experience in the Sydney area ? JUST-JAP gave me a number to call of one of their trusted mechanics but he never seems to pick up the phone :-) Thanks for reading any help would be much appreciated ! Thanks Pete
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