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  1. The swarf is one of the main reasons why I have not put this to top priority. This is what I thought, But how much oil are we talking about here. ----------------- What I would straight out like to know is just how much oil are we talking here getting pooled in the head, Especially after restrictions etc on a neo motor.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race I guess? Life just getting in the way and stuff... Braided fuel hose and fittings pricing is straight up highway robbery... Removed the idle control, Cause the f**kery of fitting it and the extra hoses just was not worth it for me. Got a oil cooler kit. Replaced the fuel rail with the one that came with the manifold cause it bolted down nicely. Ran the coolant hoses. Nothing that's going to win me awards, But enough for me to lie to myself about making progress. Things to do from here; - Head drain kit - Re-do injector harness - New harmonic balancer - Thermostat - Drop the box, Do the push/pull conversion for clutch - Mount up and plumb fuel system in boot - ABS delete - Replace the TPS with a S1 TPS - Replace some damaged sensor plugs - Consumables (Break in oils, oils, spark plugs, belts, gear oils, weed, coolant) - Fit up tyres and rims, Lift vehicle an inch. - Drop the motor in - Make a throttle cable up - Fit a discrete hidden hydraulic handbrake - Do some odd interior bits like the seats, cluster, gauges and every mans favorite teenage memory: Get a new sound system. ---------------------------------------------------- - Get someone in to weld the waste gate in and plumb exhaust up - Tune - Rego - Break in - Re-tune What engine mounts are people running with big power out there? Or just put something solid, Chain it down and go for gold?
  3. Moar raspanse, No Ragrats. Keep the .83!
  4. Can anyone give me some concrete info on head drains? I seem to read two things here; It either is a necessity or it's useless.
  5. Vodkashotx

    Revival! AMD 2700x @ 4.3GHZ 16GB G.Skill 3200mhz Asus Strix GTX1080TI Some cheap cooler-master case with a tempered glass side Corsair HX850 Asus pg348q 3440x1440 @ 100hz Logitech G900 Mouse Corsair K70 MkII keyboard All watercooled with EK parts. I'm a little old school, I don't get the hard tube thing. I am always buying/upgrading shit in my PC and hard tube just makes things difficult. Kept all in my little office/gaming/reptile room/man cave Side note: How disappointing is the RTX range...
  6. Man that sucks, I've been there before. Other than f**k bitches and get money, What do you actually do for a living?
  7. It was a thing japanese drift cars were doing 10 years ago. Dunno the reason for it, Assuming it was purely aesthetic. I don't think it looked too bad but I am sure it in one way or another ain't going to be good for handling.
  8. Man that's a lot of work when some fresh coil packs or spitfires would have done the job nicely!
  9. Your standard head will definitely get to your power goals. Headstuds+fresh oem gasket! I was making 310rwkw on a standard motor w/ 18xxxx kms, Head lifted after abuse most people wouldn't give their own. Drove the flamin mongrel like it was a rental with no insurance excess. And it was a mean 310kw that was very streetable par the heavy ass clutch. Hell if I did it again, I would have just done studs and gasket and kept driving the thing. It was plenty enough for street and track. Once you start going over that 300kw; One way or another, The gremlins start creeping out. Sort the boost leaks out. Don't worry too much about the coil pack unless yours are flogged, If you're really keen just get some splitfires. Standard coils will see you well past your power goal unless they're flogged. Tuners are a finicky mob, Won't lie. Had experience with tonnes of them. Your best bet is to just speak around, But you'll generally find that the people that charge more are the ones that are in the know and keep you in the loop. Good help isn't cheap but is usually worth every cent. If I was in Victoria; I hear nothing but amazing things from Trent @ Chequered Tuning.
  10. I see mad things with that ATR45! Getting a Garret? I've actually never had a chance to get some bum dyno time on a twin scroll to know just how much better it is. This is my first twin scroll setup. I'm even starting to feel bad that I've gone and gotten all this genuine brand name shit; But running a mamba turbo. Sorta feels haram. Can't back down now though, Eiji is waiting on me to send him a Dyno sheet. Poor fellas gonna be waiting a bit. More importantly though;
  11. What turbo is that? Solid size for a low mount, Don't think you'll squeeze much more in there!
  12. I dunno, The more I stare at them, The more they start to look like; Is it in my head from staring at them?
  13. You legend! I swear back in the day it was easy to find photos of this shit, Now days everything has been lost from imageshack/photobucket and all that other shit we thought would still be around! -------- Side note; Not sure if buyers regret. But I have been staring at the rims a lot thinking I made the wrong decision. Always loved the rim but I don't know if it will work with the car. Peoples thoughts? Sell them or use them? I feel like it would need more width and lower offset to pull this style rim off but that would also mean a wide body and another 10k thrown at the car+re barrelling. (SSR SP1 18x9.5 +25 in super black chrome)
  14. Complete new setup bud, But honestly; I would have just dropped them in if I wasn't rebuilding the whole motor. There was no real need to complete rebuild; It was just a measure I decided to take to ensure some sorts of longevity out of the motor considering it's application.
  15. Nothing exciting Remember kids, Try to be sober when working on the car. I forgot to lay the clear down... (In my defense I have 4 kids and I am usually either working on her in 10 minute windows or at night when everyone's asleep) I feel like I'm hitting a bit of a wall again with so much going on in life, Just gotta remember why I am doing this and keep an eye on the prize. It's been 3 days since I said I would drop the box and do the push/pull conversion, service the box and refit but the heart just isn't there right now. Does anyone have pics of their alternator/AC/Power steering/ancillaries setups? It's been a while since I took this all apart and I just want to make sure I have not forgotten anything. I stalked your red one before you sold it, I thought it was really hot; Made me want a red one!