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  1. I'll just make something up, Shouldn't be too difficult.
  2. First time I have had a couple of hours to work on her, Managed to make up the TPS adaptor (which is shit and I am going to re-do asap), Fit the idle control valve, Fit up in the injectors, Fit fuel rail, Fit fuel pressure reg, Fit intake manifold, Fit throttle body, Run coolant lines etc. Finally getting some work done to her!!! I need to buy myself an oil cooler, Coolant hose kit, Some fuel line and vacuum line so I can finish off this side of the motor and move on over to the next. In the mean time I might paint up the rocker covers something different. Having more work space is probably the best thing ever!
  3. Well it's been a tonne of work but I finally have most of my stuff finally at my new place. Much larger and much nicer garage! So much space for activities!
  4. Well packed up the garage today for the move and picked up the motor today too! For those wondering; CP 86.5mm Forged pistons Tomei Poncam Type B (260 Degree 9.15mm Lift) New valves (Brand unknown, Mick organized them for me as I didn't have the ability to address the concern when it arose) N1 oil pump w/ Nitto oil pump gears N1 water pump Nitto crank collar Nitto head gasket Oil Restrictors Slapped on the good old tyre+pallet combo. Not really bothered to put it on an engine stand as Ill be moving over the next fortnight or so. On the plus side, My new garage is huge! (By my standards) and I have found all my sockets except my 15mm short...
  5. I can't vibe with the silver. I am going for a nice black everything, Keep it simple clean look. The sinco should also see me good for the single 50mm.
  6. I can let you know. But I won't be ordering shit again till I move house. I've managed to secure another property today so I reckon I'll order around this time next month. But I don't know if that means we'll get them before xmas/new year? I was going to get a 50mm twin scroll in that stainless burn finish. Works out the same price as ceramic coating+6 boost and it looks like you get such a better finish! On another note! Mick has finished his puzzle and I need to get that picked up, Put it on a pallet with everything else I got. Organize the gary for the new joint and move!
  7. Well guys, I don't entirely know who to blame throughout this whole ordeal but I sure as hell won't be buying a 6boost again any time soon. Near 3 month wait when originally promised 2-4 weeks and it comes coated in the wrong colour. This offset's my shit so hard it's not even fooking funny but I ordered everything else in black for a nice clean stealth look so this has to go back. Going to order a Sinco, I see and hear good things. Look at how haram this shit is...
  8. As much as I appreciate the car (she's going to be amazing) I read through this whole thing and gotta say; I appreciate your dedication and patience more so! Pulling out stuff you purchased near decades ago, I wouldn't even remember I had that stuff!
  9. So the landlawd (Why is it every time you time L O R D "son of rajab" shows up?) is selling up, Round about the time where I am just about to get my motor. f**k my life, Guess shes back on hold for a bit! Going to move out west, Get some fresh air and get out of Sydney's hussle. Motor will go on a crate for a month or two while I sort all this shit out.
  10. Not much of an update. Still waiting on the motor. With coota etc my motor got put on the back burner. Not too happy about it but good things take time. Gauges came in though! Sorry but not genuine. The money they ask for gauges is ludicrous. You can buy a whole f**king ECU for the price of 3x Genuine gauges of any major make. When buying fake gauges generally don't go for the really cheap ones, Pay a little more and you'll get something that looks much nicer and usually performs almost as good as genuine stuff (There isn't a lot of science behind gauges). I also rate "shadow pro" gauges for another good cheap alternative. I got these from Cartel @ $80 a pop. They will go in the factory gauge holder. Which I don't think is fitted factory. I was doing the fuel setup the other day. Back there was a bunch of wires, two electronic modules of sorts (assuming hicas/abs) and a pair of double pronged antennas. I reckon when I lift the gauge holder I may see the remnants of the a pop up display. If the screen is still in there I am going to take the RCA's to a notebook then output a HUD from the ECU to it. But I won't know this till I get a damn free weekend to do something.
  11. Vodkashotx

    Nice to see some GTT love! Have you slapped that front bar on yet?
  12. Signed off for some parts from Japan. (Never grow up gentlemen) Was told nismo dashes are discontinued and stock was only what's on shelf (<10), A fresh 0km 300kmh speedo would be fitting for new motor. So I bit the bullet. And a eternal wait for what is probably one of my favorite parts of the car, Always wanted one but could never justify the price. Nengun had them on special so I jumped on it (It feels solid, chunky, heavy and amazing);
  13. It's good to know the struggle is shared! I honestly believe I could have done it myself and saved a lot more pocket, But with so many distractions etc and how much everything is costing, I didn't want any error. I left it in the hands of Mick @ Mick's Motorsport, He's old school but I've seen him build countless RBs, He tuned the car previously and has an understanding of how abusive I can be to a motor. I trust him to do better than I could. Considered it, But decided that I'll just work with what I had as I knew the condition of the motor. But now days (Especially with everyone's super "happy" dyno's) every other RB is cranking 400kw. In the end it is just a number, It really comes down to how it drives and that'll matter more than anything. Doesn't mean if I stumble across a 30 bottom end, I won't pick up and let that sit for if I every get some more freedom!
  14. 18x9.5 +12, You will not get this to fit decently without adjustable camber arms and hire a really good guard roller, Not just some kid with an ebay kit or ye good ol' 2" bar. Anything can be mechanically reliable if you're mechanically sympathetic enough. Not to say this is more forte; I am not a kind person to anything with a motor. But I am hoping the financial investment will force me to show some self restraint. *DAD 5!* Did you get yourself anything else yet?