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  1. This is probably my favorite build of all time, It's such a shame there's only so much documented and photographed. Not that I could afford it, But I would love to know what's the rough figure thrown to get Omori Factory to do this? Even just their hourly rate?
  2. Seeing as you're on the wiring mind if I ask; Do you use the factory knock sensors? (I f**ked my plugs on removal and finding replacements is proving a bitch)
  3. Missus was giving me the disappoint today, Decided I didn't need that shit and went and worked on racecar. It's amazing how much you can bash out when the boys come in for a hand and you're in a shitty mood.
  4. Finally got around to fitting the shiney bois. Got some conti 255s for the rears to hopefully help get some of the power down. Hopefully next weekend I'll be dropping the motor back in!
  5. I was hoping to do a swappy-doodle on the TPS to an RB S1/S2 to avoid using the shitty adaptor. Does anyone have a guide or directive to help me on this? Thanks guise!
  6. I would have had it running by now if I wore condoms, But ya boi likes to rides to ride raw. NO RAGRATS! Couple of months, I hope to have it on the road before the end of the year. Thanks for the link bud!
  7. Did the head drain, Got rid of the factory oil cooler assembly in favor of Taarks new relocation block, Have a nice cooler ready to go with it. Now to find the time to drop it in... And maybe find all the bell housing bolts... Anyone know the sizer or where I might be able to buy them just in case? (I had to move house between build...)
  8. You can get a 194hp "supra" a90 for $109,000. Juss sayin'
  9. I didn't wanna bring it up as I'm sure it is a shit thing to talk about. Taking some time before you hunt for work again?
  10. Is it sold? I am so confused. Even I've thought about it from time to time, I bought my GTT for 11k. If I went and dropped a second hand motor in the thing I could palm it off for what now days seems to be double what I originally paid for. Then sell the rest of the parts I have lying around and go buy a c63, m series or 370. Hell even go find a buck80 shell and drop the built motor in that for lulz.
  11. Heavy steering isn't a problem for me. But I'll just put it back in for now. I'll settle this after the motor is in. I don't need these head aches right now. No drilling and tapping needed. Uses the bottom threaded hole to secure. Highly recommend. From Hi-Octane direct. Only $100 at the moment.
  12. Do I need to put the HICAS and ABS computers back? (Which one is which?!)
  13. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone could give me some assistance; Ripped out the Hicas computer as I want to place the surge tank and pumps in the rear shelf. I have a lock out bar on the hicas system. (Yes, I'm gonna get an eliminator kit. Just want to get the motor in the car first) Is the safe to do?
  14. Push pull done, Transmission remounted, ABS delete Done, Solid engine mounts in. Knew it was too good to be true, Just realized I lost an engine mount bracket during the house move. D`:
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