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  1. Thanks both of you. I will do that. A good mechanic is invaluable. If you have a number / Mike. That be great. Cheers. Appreciated.
  2. Hi. All. Not sure im posting in correct area. Ive recently purchased a v35 stagea v6turbo. Wagon. Which I love, and hoping to do some future go fast mod too. Issue is it dies in the backside as soon as put under load ?, i.e ..as soon as it starts to spool, she acts like she's just sucking air..? And ckokes..? And if i attempt to force it, it just chokes further, and / backfires. Ive replaced fuel filter, and take also looks clean. And replaced air filter. While there is slight improvement, the problem is still there. Im a newbie to the v6turbo, and to the site. Im based in Adelaide? Any advice at this stage would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi. I just purchased a 2001 M35 stagea Turbo . Apart from always liking the look of them, and running a turbo 6, I don't know much in terms machanicals, or potentially abstracting more power As always been old school v8's previous. But certainly Thankful for the opportunity to join group, and look forward to being part and hopefully contributing to the community. Cheers . Sonny
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