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  1. Hi All, I recently purchased a 2002 Nissan Skyline V35 250GT, and have used this forum for almost every query I've had with it, so before I post my questions (and sorry in advance if they have already been covered), I would like to thank all contributors of the VQ Series forums for their insight thus far. I'm looking at changing the spark plugs in my V35 250GT, but can't find any part numbers for iridium plugs. I've searched on the NGK website and the only option it provided was LFR5BP-11 (Platinum). If anyone has changed theirs with iridium before on the 250GT, please let me know which ones and if possible, an approximate price and/or recommended retailer...? I also wish to upgrade the air intake with a Stillen system or JWT/Stillen. If anyone has done this on the V35 before, please let me know what products you installed and through whom you purchased them - all I'm finding at the moment is retailers from the US and limited compatibility information. And finally, if anybody has any insight into reprogramming/translating the nav system, please let me know. I am aware Chris Rogers has moved to the US but was curious if anyone has "taken over". I am situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Any guidance with the above is much appreciated, Thanks
  2. Hi Chris,

    I bought a 2002 V35 250GT about a week ago and have been doing research on everything about them since, including scrolling through these forums. I was wondering if you still deal with V35s, and if so, what is involved in translating the Japanese nav system? I am situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Any help is much appreciated.



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