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  1. I thought it could be boost and putting ecu into rich an retard mode but can happen when not on boost at all, dosent matter if tank is full or quater and is not dependent on throtle can happen at all throtle positions, has stock bov and have replaced a full set of coils to stock ones and the car they came of had no missfires or anything..the reason i dont think its fuel is because it just does it randomly like other times it goes hard
  2. Okay its an auto, nothing major on mods just the usual aftermarket intercooler, pod filter, boost t and exhaust runing about 11 psi. Okay so when it does it on idle it blows black smoke cause not burning all the fuel and can cut out whenever, for example other day i pulled out my drive way and it cut out twice doing like 15..... fuel filter has been changed and dosent matter if tank is full or not, thanks for the response guys
  3. Hi first time posting on here after many hours of reading trying to sort my r33 Okay its a r33 rb25 series 2 and it randomly starts misfiring really bad, it will splutter, or if on full throtle it will completely hit a flat spot again and again and it even cuts out at times. Plugs are fine replaced the cheap ebay coilpacks to stock ones and even replaced the cas, was thinking harness but when running you can pull on it and it wont missfire. Thing is it does it randomly like on a few odd ocasions it will run absolutely mint no problems at all then it will run so shit like some days it will cut out over and over again...want to get to thw bottom of this, any help is really apreciated
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