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  1. Hey guys, on Wednesday Autobarn is fitting a steering wheel control harness for my Kenwood double din head unit. Is there a plug that he can connect it too or will he have to spice into the wires from the steering wheel controler. If anyone knows which colour wires are which that may be of some help. Thinking in advance!
  2. Wow, what a pain in the kneck it is trying to get a second key for my 2003 V35 Skyline. I have tried amayama.com and they are saying Japan is not currently releasing them outside Japan. They need a Japanese rego certificate. I also tried Senergy in SA and they are out of stock, the key is over $500 then needs to be cut and programed as well. Has anyone purchased the Infinity key from the US and had it programed to work over here in Oz? As I currently only have the one key this is a bit worrying.
  3. Thanks for the link Kiwi, I'm currently waiting on a price from amayama.com too.
  4. Can anyone help me find a v35 2003 blank key so I can get it coded and cut by a guy near me? I need to sauce a blank key
  5. So guys if I was going through some nice tight mountain rangers with the VDC off would it come back on as soon as I touch the brakes?
  6. There is an exaust professional just down the road from me, I might drop in and see what he thinks.
  7. He must still be around somewhere up here in Qld. Would be great to catch up with him sometime.
  8. Guys I have a pair of Headers and Down pipes that came from Japan when the car was imported. The previous owner had a duel catback system installed but didn't get either headers or down pipes fitted due to cost. The car is loud enough but wondering if it would make it noisier if I just installed the headers. I would love to know how much these are worth as if I don't fit them I may sell them! See pics. They are like new. Full stainless.
  9. Has anyone got any ideas how to contact Chris Rodgers as I don't seem to be able to message him. I recently purchased a 2003 v35 and need as much info as I can get my hands on. Thanks
  10. Hey Chris, I need to somehow contact you re my new 2003 gt350. Please get back to me.
  11. Hey guys, I need some help! There are two black plastic inner front guard skirts left and right side in front of the wheels! I need both sides as they scrubbed out with the tyres. Also if your in Qld who has had the drivers side Actuator replaced where and how much? Any help would be great.
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